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​​​​​​​​​​​​About us

The benefits of strong, healthy communities are well known. These communities are better at meeting their own needs and finding solutions to issues. Communities that are creative and future-focused are vital to achieve an innovative economy.

The Council has provided Community Development services since 1972. 

The current Community and Social Development Team is part of the Council’s Community group, which also comprises community focussed services such as Hamilton Pools, Parks and Recreation, Hamilton City Libraries and the city’s three main publicly owned visitor attractions – Hamilton Zoo, Hamilton Gardens and Waikato Museum.

The purpose of the Community and Social Development Team is to empower local communities to engage with the Council, meet those communities’ goals and address complex issues, resulting in improved quality of life, health and wellbeing.​

The Community and Social Development Strategic Plan sets out Hamilton City Council’s priorities for delivering Community Development services to the city. It consists of three goals that articulate the overall priorities for the team in its work for the city of Hamilton. In addition, there are also 11 outcome areas that provide a focus for the work the team will do to ensure it delivers the goals. 

The goals are:
  1. Diverse communities – Hamilton’s diversity is celebrated, and we enable all our communities to reach their aspirations.
  2. Places and people – We work in partnership to achieve locally owned visions and goals.
  3. Community-led engagement – We support the community’s ability to actively engage in Council decision making.
For more information on the Community and Social Development Team, please  contact Community and Social Development Manager Andy Mannering –​

​​​Meet the team

The team (left to right) front row: Sandra, Viknesh, Judy, Andy, Jovi; Second row: Dujon, Daynah, Ben, Ani; Top row: Ioana, Gary, Mareta

The Community and Social Development Team comprises 13 staff, assigned to a range of different work programmes and portfolios across the city. 

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