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The benefits of strong, healthy communities are well known. These communities are better at meeting their own needs and finding solutions to issues. Communities that are creative and future-focused are vital to achieve an innovative economy.

The Council has provided Community Development services since 1972. 

The current Community and Social Development Team is part of the Council’s Community group, which also comprises community focussed services such as Hamilton Pools, Parks and Recreation, Hamilton City Libraries and the city’s three main publicly owned visitor attractions – Hamilton Zoo, Hamilton Gardens and Waikato Museum.

He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.​
With people at the heart of everything we do, we are active in making our great river city an even better place to be. This plan has been created to outline to our partners the way that the Council’s Community and Social Development team can work with them to achieve our joint goals of improving the wellbeing of all Hamiltonians.

The Community and Social Development team is structured to work with our diverse communities of Place, Identity and Interest. To develop community capacity to deliver collaborative wellbeing projects and ensuring that the unique lived experience of our diverse population is heard around the decision-making table. The definition of communities of Place, Identity and Interest are below:

  1. Communities of Place are defined by geographic location and boundaries, it is the location that brings people together; ie Enderley, Melville, Rototuna, etc.
  2. Communities of Identity are brought together by common affiliations or experience, often related to a specific personal feature; ie ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, etc.
  3. Communities of Interest are brought together by a shared interest, and draw attention to a common problem or interest, and seek solutions to bring about change; ie Climate Change, Sustainable Transport, Creativity, etc.

The Community and Social Development Team are utilising a Community-led development approach of working together to create and achieve locally owned visions and goals. The following guiding principles developed by Inspiring Communities are recognised as best practise: 

  1. shared local visions or goals drive action and change
  2. use existing strengths and assets
  3. many people, groups and sectors working together
  4. building diverse and collaborative local leadership
  5. adaptable planning and action informed by outcomes.

The community and social development team work alongside community and Council staff to ensure strong engagement with our diverse communities of interest, identity or place.  This is achieved in several ways including liaising across multiple agencies, funding partners, and sectors to ensure effective partnerships, capacity building and engagement.  The activity also manages resources and funding to community organisations that share the Council’s objectives.

These partnerships aim to improve the social, cultural, environmental and economic wellbeing for all our people.  To create and achieve locally owned visions and goals the team are focused on the three following 12-month outcomes:

  • Inclusive community engagement takes place with our diverse communities of place, identity and interest.
  • Community capacity is built through responsive service that tangibly improves local wellbeing.
  • Our public places and spaces are more activated.

For more information on the Community and Social Development Team, please  contact Community and Social Development Manager Andy Mannering –​

​​​Meet the team

The team (left to right) front row: Sandra, Viknesh, Judy, Andy, Jovi; Second row: Dujon, Daynah, Ben, Ani; Top row: Ioana, Gary, Mareta

The Community and Social Development Team comprises 13 staff, assigned to a range of different work programmes and portfolios across the city. 

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