Community Advisory Services

​​Council employs eight Community Advisors that work in partnership with the community and other key stakeholders and organisations /agencies to facilitate and promote social wellbeing for Hamilton's communities.

Community Advisors lead and facilitate projects and programmes in partnership with key stakeholders that contribute to achieving the strategic objectives of the Council. The work programmes of the Community Advisors are targeted and aligned to the strategic priorities of the City to ensure sustainable and measurable outcomes are achieved that provide a return on investment to both the community and organisation.

Community Advisors have local and city wide responsibilities. This allows them to identify significant community issues and perceptions, influence decisions of others, and implement a responsive community development approach in partnership with key organisations at both a local and city wide level. The Community Advisors are skilled to work across organisations to achieve joined up responses to significant community issues.

Community Advisors play a pivotal role in the Civil Defence Emergency Management Welfare framework for Hamilton, with staff roles assigned to establish and co-ordinate welfare functions in an emergency situation.

To achieve the desired outcomes the Community Advisors focus on the following key processes:

  • Community engagement and consultation.
  • Leadership in brokering and facilitating community and inter-agency partnerships that achieve joined up approaches that are outcomes focused. 
  • Identifying community issues and building on community strengths to develop long term sustainable outcomes.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of activity and programmes to ensure there is a return on investment, alignment to strategic direction and achievement of measurable outcomes.
  • Connecting communities to programmes, facilities and initiatives such as youth leadership, active citizenship, older persons programmes and recreational opportunities.
  • Promoting use of council facilities and initiatives including halls, pools, parks, garden place activation and city safety etc.
  • Implementation of social strategy and policy actions including youth and disability action plans and the coordinated response to domestic violence.
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