Cat Desexing Fund

The 2021 Cat Desexing Fund is now closed.

In May 2019, the Council opted to introduce a new contestable fund to help curb a problem the city faces with stray cats.

Hamilton, like many cities, has a problem with stray cats, they dig about in rubbish bins and skips and can spread disease. They are prone to rowdy fighting or mating at night, and more importantly they prey on native birds and wildlife.

Stray cats continue to grow in numbers because they aren't desexed.

The focus of this fund is the desexing and rehoming of stray cats within the Hamilton city boundaries. The fund is for organisations and/or individuals to support successful desexing and rehoming programmes of stray cats. 

This fund is not for:

  • ​Desexing of cats sourced from outside Hamilton City boundaries.
  • "Desex and release" initiatives.
  • Desexing of cats who already have a home or are privately owned (contact Humane Society)
  • Organisation operating costs.
  • Euthanasia costs. 

Organisations/individuals from outside Hamilton can apply – but they must carry out the desexing and rehoming of cats within the city boundaries.

If you're making an application to the fund, you'll need to provide evidence (verified by a veterinarian) showing proof of a cat desexing programme, and an annual budget projection of the number of cats your organisation expects to handle over the course of the year. You are also expected to provide the full costings of your desexing initiative.

 View the fund​'s full Guidelines and Criteria here

We encourage all applicants to contact us regarding their submission:

Gary Ho
Funding Advisor
M: 027 808 2990

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