Heritage Grant


We've established, for the first time, an annual $100,000 Heritage Fund to help owners of listed heritage buildings and archaeological sites. 

The 2019 Heritage funding round has now closed. The next funding round will open for applications in mid 2020.

​​The fund is open to people, companies and non-profit organisations for projects that they wish to start on a heritage listed item in Schedule 8A or on an archaeological site listed in Schedule 8B of the Hamilton Proposed District Plan (PDP).

The Crown, state-owned enterprises, district health boards, tertiary education institutes and local or regional councils are not eligible to apply.

Full details of the types of projects which can be funded, and ​how they'll be evaluated is all in the Historic Heritage Fund Guidelines

The purpose of the guidelines is to incentive the protection, conservation, restoration and use of both built heritage and archaeological sites within Hamilton. 

It is also a result of actions set out in the Hamilton Heritage Plan.

Click here to view the PDP section containing heritage rankings and reference numbers.
Click here to view a GIS map showing heritage items and sites.​

If you have any questions please contact either Alice Morris (alice.morris@hcc.govt.nz or 838 6431) or Mark Roberts (mark.roberts@hcc.govt.nz or 838 6618).​​

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