Eddie and Hazel Mollier

Volunteering has been a regular part of Eddie and Hazel Mollier’s life for many years. 

The couple, who currently volunteer for the New Zealand Blood Service, have been involved with a number of voluntary organisations in Hamilton and beyond. From volunteering in a soup kitchen in Wellington for 17 years, they moved to Australia and volunteered at the local blood service, something they continued after moving to Hamilton to be closer to family. They are very proud that many of the voluntary projects they have started or been involve3d with are still going strong today. 

Their work with the NZ Blood Service usually has them assisting at mobile blood units around the city. They assist with the set up of the mobile unit and provide help in keeping donors comfortable before and after donating blood.  It’s an issue they are passionate about, and know there is a need for more blood donations. Eddie has been donating for 45 years himself, and Hazel for 35 years. 

They enjoy meeting with the many people who come into donate, and have been particularly impressed with young people donating blood. 

"The turnout at the last school was tremendous, and it was great to see so many young people willing to donate blood. We always need more donors so really like to encourage as many people as possible to donate," says Eddie. 

The work at the blood service is normally over two days a week and they have also been involved in volunteering for a number of other charities and causes where they are able to. They helped with collecting for the Child Cancer Foundation at last year’s Fieldays, and Eddie also spent many years as a rugby referee. Volunteering has been such a part of their life, and whilst they enjoy the fact that it keeps them busy, they also are happy to help with such a vital service. 

"It keeps your body and mind active, and it gets you out and about in the world,"says Hazel.

Eddie and Hazel recommend volunteering to older people as something that provides value both to themselves and the community. 

"Volunteering is such a great thing for older people to be involved with," says Eddie, ‘you get to meet lots of fantastic people and gives you a lot of satisfaction." 

Hazel agrees, and says "volunteering is a great way for older people to go out and live, not simply exist".

"The satisfaction you get out of helping people is absolutely great".  

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Volunteering Waikato at 07 839 3191  or www.volunteeringwaikato.org.nz​.

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