What does this mean for Animal Control and Education?

​​​The wellbeing of our community and our team are our number one priority. We are closely monitoring the advice from the Government and Ministry of Health and will be updating our website as new information becomes available.

Alert Level 3

What will they do with roaming dogs?
Emergency situations will be given priority during Alert Level 3 and we may be a little slower responding to non-urgent matters, as we are working with reduced staff numbers. Dogs currently held in our facility continue to receive a high level of care including, being fed twice per day, exercised and daily cleaning of their kennels – as always animal welfare is a top priority.

Is the Animal Education and Control Centre open?
Our premises will open between 2pm and 3pm, 7 days a week, for the collection of dogs. Adoptions (see process below) are by appointment only.

Can we come and see the adoption dogs?
If you are serious about adopting one of our dogs here is the process. Firstly, send us a message via our Hamilton Adopt a Dog Facebook page and let us know which dog you are interested in. Please also let us know a little bit about yourself and the home you can provide for the dog. If we think it sounds like a good fit, we will send you an adoption application form to fill in.

Why  are we asking for this to be done before you view the dog?
This is because we must limit contact with the public and our hope is by doing this, we can limit it to just one visit for each dog. If we think you are a good fit, we will invite you to come in and visit the dog via an appointment. Please remember we must stay within our regions during Alert Level 3, so we can't adopt dogs outside of the Waikato.

Can we still register our dogs?
Dog registrations can still be done, but only online through the website. If you have trouble completing an online registration renewal, you can call our administration team during office hours (Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 4.30pm) and they will be able to assist you.

Will dog parks remain open?
Yes. You can still exercise your four-legged friends at our dog parks if they are located within your local neighbourhood. However, your dog must be on a lead at all times and please maintain two metres distance from other people.

Refer here for more information on exercising your dog during the alert levels

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