What does this mean for Hamilton Cemeteries?

​The safety and wellbeing of our community, our visitors and our team members is our number one priority. We are closely monitoring the advice from the Government and Ministry of Health and will be updating our customers via our website and social media platforms as new information becomes available.

​​​Alert Level 2

Who do I go to for guidance?
Ask your funeral director in the first instance. They have details of new arrangements for the cemetery and crematorium. Hamilton Cemeteries staff can also be contacted on 07 856 7987.

What are the rules around burials and cremations?
Burials and cremations can take place but the number of people who can attend is limited. Until 12pm Friday 29 May, the maximum is 10, although your funeral director can apply on your behalf to allow up to 50 people. The Government has increased the limit on numbers to 100 from 12pm, Friday 29 May onwards. Contact tracing is a requirement and people must stay one metre apart inside and outside.​

How do we keep numbers down?
You and your funeral director are responsible for keeping numbers to the maximum. Your funeral director is also responsible for collecting contact details in case contact tracing is needed and passing these on to us.

Does the maximum of 10 people include a celebrant?
Yes, celebrants are counted but funeral directors and their staff are not.

Are the chapels open?
The Greenwood and Park Chapels are both open, but with contact tracing and limited numbers so we can comply with government guidelines by keeping people safely apart.

What are your hours?
We have resumed normal winter hours and reopened the gates. You can enter the grounds from 7.30am to 5.30pm daily.

Can we choose a plot?
Families can now book a visit to choose a plot for their loved one's burial or ash interment.

Can I visit my loved ones?
Yes. Our gates will be open again under Alert Level 2 from 7.30am to 5.30pm daily.

We want to manage our loved one's funeral ourselves – is that allowed?
No. Currently services must be managed by funeral directors only. ​

Page reviewed: 26 May 2020 1:07pm