What does this mean for building, planning and development?

​The wellbeing of our community and our team are our number one priority. We are closely monitoring the advice from the Government and Ministry of Health and will be updating our website as new information becomes available. 

Alert Level 1

What does this mean for the Building unit?​

What will happen with my building consents?
All building consents will be accepted, processed and approved as normal.

Can I apply for a minor amendment?
Minor amendments are being accepted, processed and approved as normal. Send us your minor amendment application form and plans through to building@hcc.govt.nz 

Will you be issuing Code Compliance Certificates (CCC)?
Code Compliance Certificates (CCC) are being processed as normal. All documentation must be submitted to us electronically to building@hcc.govt.nz at least 48 hours before your final inspection. Hard copy documents, over the counter or at the final inspection, will not be accepted but you will still need to have a hard copy of all documentation onsite for the inspector to view.

What about extensions of time, exemptions, and CPU applications?
All other applications and accompanying documentation should be emailed to building@hcc.govt.nz and we will process these electronically and respond to you via email or phone.

What about inspections?
At this stage all inspections will continue under Alert Level 1, this includes Building Inspections, BWOF audits and pool monitoring inspections. Please maintain social distancing throughout the inspection and where possible discuss any issues by phone. 

Where can I find more information?
You can read more about how construction site safety guidelines will be implemented during Alert Level 1 at chasnz.org/covid19

What does this mean for develop​ment?

What are you doing with Development Contributions payments?
Development Contribution payments will continue as normal and you will still be able to pay these as you normally would.

Will you be stopping your growth programmes?
No, all growth programmes will continue at this time. Long term planning must and will continue. Many of our growth programmes are long term programmes, so they will continue normally. We have several experts who continue to work on these programmes during this time. 

Is the Urban Design Panel still available?
Our Urban Design panel can still be contacted and will be operating as normal.

We intend to have an online consulting team up and running to help businesses virtually through this time.

What does this ​​​mean for the Planning Guidance unit?

What about Planning Guidance and resource consents site visits?
All planning guidance services are back to normal at Alert Level 1. The team are working both in the office and remotely and will use visual technology and face-to-face meetings as required. 

Monitoring and enforcement of resource consent conditions and site visits have also resumed. ​

Can I still talk to someone around this over the phone or via Skype?
Absolutely. Please continue to phone and email us with any Planning Guidance and resource consents queries or pre-application meetings and we can arrange to speak to you over Skype, Zoom or video chat. ​

Page reviewed: 08 Mar 2021 12:14pm