What does this mean for rubbish and recycling?

​​The wellbeing of our community and our team are our number one priority. We are closely monitoring the advice from the Government and Ministry of Health and will be updating our website as new information becomes available.

  • Kerbside rubbish collections will continue as usual, however kerbside recycling collections have stopped.
  • Please don't put your recycling crates out for collection. 
  • Paper and cardboard will still be collected but sent to landfill.
  • Please store your tins, cans, plastics, glass, paper and cardboard until the refuse transfer station reopens so they can be recycled. Alternatively you can put your recycling in your rubbish bags - but it won't be recycled that way.

What will happen with the kerbside rubbish collection during COVID-19 Alert Level 4?
Kerbside rubbish collection services will continue as usual. 

There will potentially be some delays to rubbish collections or some changes to the service in the coming weeks depending on staff resource and guidance around COVID-19. Overfilled or heavy bags can be a health and safety hazard for our rubbish collection team. Please make sure they can safely lift your rubbish, so this critical service can continue to operate smoothly.

What about the kerbside recycling collection?
Kerbside recycling collections have stopped following the closure of material recovery facilities that sort and process recyclables due to safety concerns over COVID-19 being spread to staff sorting items by hand.

Please don't put your recycling crates out for collection. During these unprecedented times we will be using our recycling trucks to also pick up rubbish.

What should I do with my recycling?
You can stockpile your glass, tins, cans, plastics 1-2, paper and cardboard until the refuse transfer station reopens so they can be recycled or you can place your recycling in your black rubbish bags. Try to compost your food scraps, if you can. Please don't put broken glass in your rubbish – this is a serious health and safety issue for our rubbish collectors. Sharp objects should be securely wrapped.​

Will the refuse transfer station be open?
The refuse transfer station at 60 Lincoln St will be closed to the public after close of business on Wednesday 25 March. The reuse shop and recycling drop-offs ceased operation on Tuesday 24 March. The decision to close the refuse transfer station to the public and stop kerbside recycling collections reflects the government's heightened alert levels and guidance on any services classified as non-essential. The station will remain open for commercial account holders for essential services only (Monday to Friday between 7.30am and 4.30pm, reduced hours on Saturday, closed on Sunday). If you have things you were planning to bring to the transfer station, please hang on to them for now, or think about whether someone else might find them useful. 

What about my green waste?
The Hamilton Organic Centre which accepts green waste will also be closed after close of business on Wednesday 25 March.

Can I still purchase a new crate?
Purchasing of new recycling crates is suspended from close of business on Wednesday 25 March as well.

Page reviewed: 31 Mar 2020 3:26pm