6. Development contributions relief

​​In order to ease the burden on small businesses and homeowners, some development contribution (DC) payments will be deferred for six months. A development contribution ensures any development which creates additional demand on Council's infrastructure network contributes to the extra cost and allows Council to service growth in the city over the long term.

Eligible developments include:

  • ​​DCs required on the granting of a land use consent (i.e. change in use) building conversions. This will provide relief to those who currently converting a space in a building (e.g. an industrial building to a gym or shop) and those looking for new places to establish businesses.

  • DCs required on any granted ancillary dwelling building consent.
    This could provide relief to those building ancillary dwellings (e.g. 'tiny homes') or looking for cheaper housing options.

  • DCs required on any granted non-residential building consent with less than 50m2 of new gross floor area.
    This will provide relief to small business owners who are starting a business such as a hair salon, small shop front or workshop.

​For more information, please email DCO@hcc.govt.nz

Page reviewed: 14 Apr 2020 4:31pm