Hamilton is at orange

At orange, there is community transmission and we need to take action to protect our vulnerable communities and our health system from COVID-19. See the full list of guidelines here.

While our essential services continue running and our public facilities can open at orange, there are safety measures in place to protect our community.

You can read more about life at orange, and the Government's COVID-19 Protection Framework here.

Remember to:

  • Wash and thoroughly dry your hands or use hand sanitiser regularly
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow.
  • Keep your distance from people you do not know.
  • Clean or disinfect shared surfaces often.
  • If you have cold, flu or Covid-19 symptoms, stay home and get a test.

The golden rules for orange:

  • Wherever possible, we have contactless services available (e.g., Click and Collect at our libraries) so customers have the option of accessing services without entering facilities.

Face coverings

At our indoor facilities, you must always wear a face mask. Our staff are all required to wear face coverings too. This is to keep you, your whaanau and the community safe.

Why are face masks still needed at your facilities?  

The Government guidance under the Orange setting is for face masks must be worn at public indoor facilities (e.g. the Museum, Libraries and main Council office). If you do not wear a mask, and do not have an official exemption card, you may be asked to leave. For more information on face masks, click here. 

Are masks needed at pools and sports facilities? 

At our pool and sports facilities, a face mask must be worn in the reception and shared spaces - such as waiting in line at the café - however, we do not expect you to exercise with a face mask as it is not safe to do so. 

I can't wear a face mask – can I still access your facilities? 

We recognise some people an impairment, health conditions, a physical disability or mental health reasons which mean wearing a mask isn't possible. These reasons are not always obvious or easy to explain. We also need to be mindful of the need to protect the health of staff and other members of the public at our facilities. For this reason, we ask that people with exemptions provide evidence if requested by staff. To do this, use an official Communication or Exemption Card from the Government.  

If you do not wear a mask, and do not want/have an official exemption card, you may be asked to leave. 

How do I apply for a Communication or Exemption Card? If I don't have one, am I still allowed in? 

Currently, all customers are required to wear a mask or show an official Communication or Exemption card to access our indoor facilities.  

If you need a card and do not have one, we can help you apply for a card – just talk to one of our team. We are also able to show you alternative ways to access our services, for example click and collect services through our libraries.  

You can apply for these cards online through the Ministry of Health website. You can also request a Card by calling 0800 28 29 26 and selecting option 2, or by texting 8988. 

What about children? 

Children younger than 12 years old do not have to wear a face mask.  

Physical distancing

To keep you and your whaanau safe from COVID-19, we encourage you to keep a 1m distance from people you do not know. There will be restrictions to the number of people allowed inside some of our facilities. This will be based on allowing 1m social distancing.

Stay home if you're unwell

It's important you stay home and get tested if you develop symptoms of COVID-19. Self-isolate until you receive a negative test to stop any potential spread of the virus. This is to protect the wider community.

Page reviewed: 10 Jun 2022 11:12am