Big Data and Going Digital

​Hamilton is the centre of Big Data and analytics. The safety and security of the city combined with the natural topography and proximity to Auckland make it the most logical place to establish your data warehousing (BIG DATA) investments.

Hamilton is truly the investment destination of choice of any city in New Zealand.

Ultrafast Fibre

To help you with your “Big Data” needs, Ultrafast Fibre is the company that is rolling out ultrafast fibre in Hamilton. It is the company any smart organisation will engage with regarding its discussion about going digital.

E Research New Zealand

eResearch NZ highlights and promotes key activities, including: cooperation across research institutions and communities; enabling of national research priorities by eResearch sharing of work in progress and outcomes

eResearch NZ provides a place for anyone in the IT research sector to contribute to these activities.

Internet New Zealand

InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc.) is the non-profit open membership organisation dedicated to protecting and promoting the Internet in New Zealand and fostering a coordinated, cooperative approach to its ongoing development. Their primary objective is “high performance and unfettered access for all” so the Internet continues to operate in an open environment that cannot be captured by any entity or individual for their own ends.

InternetNZ works across a range of public and technical policy issues. Each item of work sits under one of four workstreams - Access, Openness, Right & Responsibilities and Security. InternetNZ also makes regular submissions to the Government, regulators and Parliament that cross all workstreams.

Rural Broadband Initiative

Hamilton is surrounded by the protein economy and food and agri-business products contribute two-thirds of New Zealand's export earnings, so the benefits of improving rural broadband are expected to be significant.

An improved broadband network will also benefit health and education.

If you are one of our rural partners and use Hamilton as your service base, then this website will explain the rural broadband initiative and provide you the appropriate guidance of where to go/who to talk too.


Waikato University’s Centre for Open Software Innovation

The Centre for Open Software Innovation (COSI) was established in 2009, as the University of Waikato's leading research centre on computer science theory and practice. It is the purpose of COSI to:Inspire and extend open development practice in computer science; Innovate (open) systems, theories and tools to improve processes and products; Excel at core computer science theory and practice as the foundation for innovation; Be community leaders at the local, national and international levels through effective communication and openness.


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