Digital Hamilton

​​Digital Hamilton is Hamilton's plan to become a more digital city. The plan links to the Council's Economic Development Agenda.

It identifies actions to improve use of digital technology by organisations and individuals in Hamilton.

Four theme areas are identified; Cohesion, Awareness, Innovation, and Infrastructure.

Digital Hamilton (PDF, 2,342kB)

For more information about this project or the Economic Development Agenda, contact Council's Economic Growth Unit.

Stay Connected

HCC's Registration of Interest to Secure Government Funding for the Continued Rollout of Ultrafast Fibre and Mobile Coverage in Hamilton


  • A key part of the Government's strategy to enhance connectivity in New Zealand and narrow the digital divide is extending the Ultrafast Broadband (UFB2) and Rural Broadband Initiative programmes (RBI2) and establishing a Mobile Black Spot Fund (MBSF).
  • The broader UFB programme is expected to cost up to $210 million (from the Government's Future Investment Fund), on top of the original programme's $1.5 billion initial estimate.
  • The rural broadband extension would need a further $100 million in funding, plus $50 million to fill in the mobile black spots. The aim is to achieve at least 80% population coverage throughout the country.
  • The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is seeking Registrations of Interest (known as 'ROI – Support') from local authorities for the supply of information and support to facilitate infrastructure deployment under these programmes in the form of commitments to reducing costs, regulatory barriers, demand-side risks and other factors associated with deployment. Refer
  • MBIE has also invited potential infrastructure suppliers to register their capability and interest in participating in a tender process (known as 'ROI – Supply') to deliver services towards one or more of the UFB2, RBI2 and MBSF initiatives.

HCC'S Registration of Interest - Support (including Hamilton's Digital Enablement Plan)

  • HCC submitted its Stage 1 ROI-Support for Ultra-Fast Broadband 2 and the Mobile Black Spot Fund to MBIE on 10 July 2015.
  • Stage 2 of MBIE's registration process required HCC to develop a Digital Enablement Plan for Hamilton.
  • The Digital Strategy Update and Enablement Plan for Hamilton was submitted to MBIE on 18 September 2015 and builds on the 'Digital Hamilton' Strategy.
  • The Digital Strategy Update and Enablement Plan for Hamilton promotes five key focus areas to improve UFB and mobile technology uptake and outcomes between 2015-2017:
    • Promote business uptake for economic growth.
    • Support regional initiatives and collaboration.
    • Facilitate UFB deployment.
    • Support awareness raising initiatives, including health and education opportunities.
    • Review Council services.
  • Hamilton's Digital Strategy Update and Enablement Plan can be accessed under the following 'Documents' heading.
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