Hamilton Urban Growth Strategy

The Hamilton Urban Growth Strategy is our spatial vision for the city that outlines how we actively manage growth in a way that improves the wellbeing of Hamiltonians – it's the where, when, how and why of our growth story.

It's a long-term strategy that helps inform other Council plans, such as the Long Term-Plan and 30-year Infrastructure Strategy, and helps guide Council's timing, and the order, of infrastructure investment.

Why are we reviewing it?

Our current strategy was agreed to by Council following a city-wide consultation process undertaken in 2008 and since then a lot has changed, and we mean a lot! Some of those changes include:

  • Hamilton and the wider Waikato region has been experiencing huge population and economic growth.
  • We've established a progressive partnership approach with Iwi and neighbouring councils.
  • Increased challenges with affordability and availability of land for both housing and employment.
  • Central government's direction and policies regarding development, resource management and climate change.
  • A significant increase in requests to develop large areas outside and adjacent to the city boundaries.
  • A focus shift away from only identifying areas for housing and businesses to one that's about creating communities.
  • Increased financial pressure associated with delivering the necessary infrastructure has meant we need to look for new and innovative ways to fund growth. This includes partnering with the development community and the government's Housing Acceleration Fund.

Where does the Hamilton Urban Growth strategy fit?

This review is just one of the pieces of  work we're undertaking to ensure we plan for, and invest in, growth that will allow us to create thriving and vibrant communities.

By considering the Hamilton-Waikato Metro Spatial Plan and Future Proof, we're working in collaboration with our neighbours and taking a sub-regional approach that factors in transport, environment, housing, funding, and social and cultural elements.

But it's not just about sub-regional influences. The review takes into consideration our requirements under the government's National Policy Statement on Urban Development (NPS-UD) and the impact this will have on our District Plan.

It's about finding the right balance between revitalising our established neighbourhoods with investing in new liveable suburbs required for the number of new people choosing to call Hamilton home.

What will a refreshed strategy look like?

Our refreshed strategy will steer the growth and development of Hamilton City as it accommodates a forecasted 264,000 people by 2050*.

It will set out how and where Hamilton will grow over the next 50 years with a focus on people and communities. It will contain a set of principles that guide decision making on opening out of sequence or out of boundary areas for development. Additionally, the strategy will be aligned with sub-regional planning and central Government law, policy and planning initiatives to ensure our growth considers the environmental, employment, transport and housing outcomes for future generations of Hamiltonians.

*Source: NIDEA High

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