Hamilton City Open Space Plan

Our Vision: "Our open space network connects communities and is valued by our people"

Hamilton’s Open Space Plan sets out a 50-year strategic direction for Hamilton’s parks and open spaces.  The plan presents a series of goals, priorities and an action plan that responds to the needs, challenges and opportunities facing Hamilton’s open space. This plan was developed in consultation with the community. 

Goals: Where we want to be

  • Open spaces meet the constantly changing needs of our people
  • Hamilton’s green identity is upheld
  • Ecosystems and biodiversity are understood, protected and restored
  • Open spaces bring people together and celebrate our cultures and historic heritage
  • Open spaces are safe, well-designed and distinctly Hamilton
  • Open spaces are accessible, connected and make Hamilton easy to get around
  • Open spaces are enhanced by community partnerships
  • Our open spaces network is world class

Taking the Plan forward

The aspirations of the plan will be achieved through implementing the Action Plan and will be overseen by the Parks and Open Spaces Unit.  The Action Plan will be revised annually to ensure the most effective methods are in place to achieve the goals and vision.

The success of this Plan will partly depend on contributions made by Hamilton residents, other open space landowners, and the stakeholders, community groups, organisations, businesses, institutions and funders that support and invest in our open spaces.

Contact Us

If you have any queries about the Plan or Hamilton’s open spaces then please email Hamilton City Council’s Parks and Open Spaces Unit, or call on 07 838 6622.
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