Parks Survey 2019

Hamilton is a growing city, with increasing demands on our parks, playgrounds, reserves and open space networks. As our population increases, so does the use of our parks. As we respond to the city’s growth, it’s important we plan for the management and maintenance of these assets – and have a clear understanding of park users’ views on Hamilton’s parks.

The Council also has a focus on improving the wellbeing of Hamiltonians – and we do that through providing public spaces and parks where people can be active and enjoy recreation and physical activities. The Council’s management and development of parks across the city also reflects the Play Strategy, which aims to provide people with opportunities to engage in physical activity. The Council’s assets, including our parks, reserves and open spaces, can support people in their pursuit of play. Our Play Strategy also states the Council needs to be responsive to changing play, sport and recreation trends – and do that, feedback from the community through this survey is important.

The annual Parks Survey is a key part of developing our understanding how the public feels about Hamilton’s parks, and refining our plans to manage and enhance these areas.

The survey allows us to identify any issues with levels of service which can be addressed through maintenance and operations.

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The information we get from the Parks Survey is a very useful input into our LTP/Annual Plan projects and programmes so that we’re delivering what it is the community sees as a priority.

We want to get a good sample size in response to our survey – we’re aiming for more than 500 responses, minimum, but we’d like as many as possible.

Hamilton groups and members of the public using our parks are encouraged to share the link to our survey through their channels – and of course respond to it themselves!

The survey is open for four weeks, and takes 10-15 minutes to complete. 

This is an important piece of work for the staff who plan for our park management – and all members of the community are welcome to complete the survey.​

We’ll provide an overview of the survey results once our analysis is completed.

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