River paths

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Hamilton's river paths are among the city's most popular parks, favoured by runners, walkers and cyclists.

The path network stretches north and south along the Waikato River, and in several locations links to other popular parks throughout ​the city.

Along the western (city) side of the river, the path runs from Cobham Bridge to Horotiu bridge – essentially the length of the city. On the eastern side of the river the path is not continuous, but provides great links to the city's bridges and other parks and recreational facilities on the eastern side of the city, including Hamilton Gardens, Memorial Park and Munro's Walkway. Path users can criss-cross the river using the seven bridges – Cobham, Anzac, Claudelands, Boundary Road, Fairfield, Pukete traffic and Braithwaite foot bridge.

Due to their increasing popularity, path users are urged to "share with care" - the paths are dual purpose, available to pedestrians and cyclists. Cyclists are urged to travel at safe speeds, and either ring a bell or call out to pedestrians to signal their approach. Please be cautious and respectful.

Because of the seasonal fluctuations of the Waikato River, path and vegetation maintenance and the environment being prone to erosion, we need to close sections from time to time. The low-lying Matakanohi Reserve, for example, is prone to flooding when the river levels are high, and will be closed if the Council staff feel public safety is compromised.

If you're a regular river path user, and you'd like to be kept updated on any path closures, please click the Sign Up link below​​ to register for updates. You will receive a brief email explaining which part of the path network is closed, and for how long.​

Current medium/long-term closures

There are some parts of our river path network where medium or long-term closures are in effect.

This section of the river paths, on the western/central city side of the Waikato River, has been closed for an extended period due to concerns over the stability of the path itself, and the slope immediately below it. The area of particular concern is at the London St end of this section, where we have identified slumping of the path related to in-ground movement of the slope below it. We have arranged for an engineering assessment which will inform what our remedial options are for this section – and what the costs are likely to be. Once staff have that information, a report will be presented to the Council for consideration, with a view to undertaking required work and reopening this section.

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