Supporting Waiwhakareke

Waiwhakareke is a non-profit ecological restoration project, driven by the efforts of the partner organisations and volunteers from across the community.

Hamilton City Council's Parks and Open Spaces Unit is the administrator of the reserve land which forms Waiwhakareke. The Council manages the operational side of activities at the park, which includes track construction, sign manufacture and installation, and planting days.

The University of Waikato's Centre for Biodiversity and Ecology Research (CBER) provides scientific advice on plantings at the park and water quality of the lake, for example. CBER has set up sample plots within the existing plantings to monitor growth rates. Postgraduate students often undertake work at the park as part of their studies for the university.

Tui 2000 Incorporated is a community group comprising like-minded volunteers committed to restoring Hamilton's biodiversity. Members of the group organise planting volunteers through the Friends of Waiwhakareke group and apply for funding to further grow the park.

Wintec provides scientific advice on aspects of the park such as invertebrates. It organises student groups from a variety of study fields to volunteer at the park which in turn helps the students learn more about restoration, ecology and the natural sciences.​​

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