Melville skatepark upgrade

​​​Melville Park is one Hamilton's most well-known parks, due in large part to its historic skate bowl.

As part of recent 10-Year Plan decisions, the Council dedicated what is known as "renewals" funding to the city's three skateparks – Melville Park, Fairfield Park and Elliott Park.

Melville is the first of those to undergo a transformation – and it's happening over summer 2019/2020.

In addition to the skate renewal funding, playground renewal funds for Melville have been aligned to ensure the whole space is improved and integrated – "looking after what we have got". The project will result in a refreshed, multi-use skate and play space for the whole community to enjoy.  We have teamed up with a local skate park builder Acid NZ Ltd, working alongside local users and skate advocacy group Htown Skate Project to help us deliver this project.

The project to upgrade the skatepark and play space at Melville Park is progressing well and most parts will be open to the public over the 2019 Christmas holiday period. 

These completed components include the upgraded playground, basketball court and a portion of the skate park, including the bowl.  Work will continue early in 2020 on the lower skate area – it remains fenced off in the meantime. 

The entire project is expected to be completed by late April 2020 and a community celebration will held at this time. 

The final design

To ensure we get it right we have taken a community led approach to design and engaged with people who will use the space. Feedback received to date has been used to develop the final design for the skate park and playground area.

 View the final concept​​ 

Playground and basketball court

View the Concept Plan

The basketball court is important to the local community and people would like to see it extended. The final design also allows for a new basket swing, swing set, refurbished see saws, shaded seating and new drinking fountain within the playground area.

The existing dirt bike track has been removed and a new multi-use concrete pump track installed. The current play equipment located near the carpark and dog club will be removed as part of this project. 

Skatepark area

Why we are removing the 1990s street section

This project is largely a renewal project. Renewal funding is for "looking after what we've got". As such, the Council must address the condition of the old skate asset.

For a number of years, the Council received consistent feedback stating Melville skatepark is in poor condition, has a very rough surface and in need of major work. This view is reinforced by condition assessments the Council has carried out that identified poor structural integrity and performance issues. The key message we have heard from the skate community for a number of years, and throughout this project is "keep the bowl, ditch the rest".

We appreciate the original bowl is much-loved and carries important memories for the skate community – and we have no intention of removing it. It has been refurbished to ensure it is continued to be skated and treasured for many years to come.

Following the first round of community engagement, several options were investigated for the renewal of the skatepark:

  1. Refurbish the existing park and bowl.
  2. Refurbish the existing bowl, remove and rebuild existing park.
  3. Pour over existing park to create new flow bowl.

Option 2 is the approach we have taken with the design. This option represents the best value for money and fully addresses the condition and performance issues of the current park. It will result in a "like new" park with low ongoing maintenance costs.

Removing the old 1990s street extension has allowed us t o reconfigure the site layout, improve lines of sight into the park and create a more inviting open environment for the community.  It also addresses the significant condition and performance issues with the old skate space. It is in line with the majority of community and user feedback we received.

What you told us:

​​Key changes to the skate area design following the final round of consultation include:

  • Swapping the location of the new bowl and basketball court
  • Change in the style of the new bowl from kidney to modern mini ramp
  • Simplified street skate features e.g removed mound on quarter pipe and skateable table

​Project Timeframes

Community feedback on current park CompleteApril 2019
Develop concept/park layout      CompleteJuly 2019
Community drop in session for feedback on conceptCompleteAugust 2019
Stage one construction (refurbishment of bowl) CompleteAugust 2019
​Community feedback on draft conceptComplete
​August 2019
Final concept plan            CompleteSeptember 2019
Stage two construction (upgrade of skate, basketball and play​ground) CompleteSeptember 2019​
​Stage three construction (completion of lower level skate area). ​​January 2020
​Opening​April 2020

Melville skatepark design video:​

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