Tree Management

​Scheduled tree maintenance work is carried out by City Parks, whether it's in our parks,  on streets, or natural areas.

Our Arborists are qualified and experienced carrying out all aspects of Arboriculture utilising best practice. On average, 40 streets and 12 parks are inspected each month with work planned as required.

The work includes formative pruning – to give trees their best possible shape for their species – removal of low-hanging or damaged limbs, the mulching of waste, condition assessments on trees, and in some cases the complete removal of trees.

They're also responsible for reactive tree maintenance, particularly following storm events which damage trees and lead to the scattering of tree debris. Safety-related jobs will always be prioritised – for example, where people, property or traffic are at risk or disrupted by storm-related tree issues.

When trees are pruned or felled, firewood will be left onsite where it's safe to do so and residents can then help themselves once the job is complete. We do not allow private residents to use chainsaws or other machinery on our parks – you are welcome to retrieve the wood, but please do not cut it up on the park or roadside berms.

Removal of trees on public land will only be considered if the specimen is dead, dying or presenting a risk to nearby property, traffic or people. If you feel a tree on public land is creating a risk, we will inspect the tree.  Leaf and debris fall are not considered as reasons to remove a tree.

Part of the scheduled tree maintenance is to keep our trees clear of powerlines and overhead services. We work with WEL Networks and other companies to be as proactive as we can in keeping the overhead services clear of trees.

Some of our tree management work will require a road closure or Traffic Management Plan. These projects are well-publicised through the Council's social media channels, roadside signage, and we communicate directly with residents and businesses in the areas where we are doing this sort of work.

Planting of trees is generally undertaken in autumn, and residents can contact the Council directly if they have a specific request.

The clearance of leaf fall in autumn is undertaken as part of our Infrastructure Alliance Partnership, and more information on that can be found here.

Page reviewed: 25 Jul 2017 8:17am