Verge Maintenance

Maintaining grass verges (sometimes known as berms) is a responsibility shared between the Council and residents or businesses.

Our staff will take care of pruning and managing trees on the roadside grass verges. Our approach to this work includes a regular inspection regime – in which our staff members do physically visit locations – and this is done to a specific planned schedule.

If trees or shrubs from your property overhanging a public footpath, you will be contacted directly by our Infrastructure Alliance with a request to prune your tree. 

We can offer explanation of why this work needs to be done and the risk it is causing.

For more information on verge maintenance, verge maintenance and management of trees on your property which overhang the footpath, please visit this page.

We urge you to take the time to read the policy included on this page, which outlines our approach to management of these spaces and the support and co-operation we request from our city's residents.​

Page reviewed: 07 Jan 2020 3:08pm