​​​​​​​​​​​Hamilton City Council is responsible for the management of all trees in the city's public spaces.

We have an estimated 100,000 trees across hundreds of locations including roadside verges, parks, reserves, adjacent to sports fields and in our natural areas such as Jubilee Bush and Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park.

The responsibilities are shared between the Parks and Open Spaces Unit and City Parks. Parks and Open Spaces staff members carry out planning tasks and liaise directly with residents and stakeholder groups, while City Parks' personnel are responsible for carrying out physical work on trees and in parks.

Managing the city's trees is a year-round job, requiring significant planning, resource and time. The work can be complex or straightforward, depending on the job at hand, the environment and species, and how much planning we have to do.

Within this section of our website you will find a range of information on the Council's management of the trees in our city.​

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