Your Neighbourhood


​What's Your Neighbourhood?​

We have a huge opportunity to increase our visibility and involvement with the community. This is the Council's opportunity to take you - 'our people' - on a journey with us showcasing the cool projects we are doing all over the city.

Focusing on innovative ways to have genuine conversations with the community we have set up a series of 'Your Neighbourhood' roadshow events throughout the year. These events will enable the Council to tell the 'full picture' and cover a variety of projects, services and issues. 

We want to ensure the Council is more visible and accessible to all Hamiltonians. Check back for where we are heading to next year!​

​​​​Colour your city

It's time to colour your city! Looking for activities for the kids? We have a range of colouring in pages from our custom made Hamilton colouring in book available below. Pick your favourite from the list, download, print and then add your pop of colour. 

Animal Control and Education 
Hamilton Zoo
Hamilton Lake
Hamilton Pools
Skate Park 
Waikato Museum 

We'll be adding a few more over the weeks so keep an eye on this page. 

Page reviewed: 05 May 2021 2:41pm