Draft Development Contributions Policy

​Thanks for all your feedback, consultation has now closed.​​

Development Contributions (DCs) are a key way to pay for the water supply, wastewater, stormwater, reserves and transport services needed for new developments (growth).

The purpose of the DC Policy is to enable the Council to recover a fair, equitable, proportion of the total cost of capital expenditure necessary to service growth over the long term.

The Council has developed a proposed DC Policy based on the draft 2018-28 10-Year Plan. 

The key changes to the existing Policy are:

  • Removal of the central city remission
  • Removal of existing capped charges
  • Introduction of new capped non-residential charges
  • Recovery of capital expenditure outside the 10-Year Plan
  • Charging residential development contributions by the number of bedrooms
  • Removal of higher density residential charge and ancillary unit charge categories
  • Indexing of development contributions charges
  • Updated growth projections, Schedule of Assets, cost allocations, and catchment boundaries
  • Other minor changes
  • An updated schedule of charges.

We encourage you to read through the summary for more detail on the changes outlined above.

Since the documents were approved for consultation an input error has been found. The single input error was the place of a decimal point where 2013’s interest rate was entered at 58.50% rather than 5.85%.  This means the originally proposed charges were overstated. The proposed charges are now lower - see the updated documents below. This has caused no material impact on the Council's financial strategy. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at growthfunding@hcc.govt.nz

Updated documents - error corrected (4 April 2018)

Click here to read the updated Development Contribution Proposal.
Click here to read the updated draft Development Contribution Policy 2018. 

Original documents approved for consultation (27 March 2018)

NOTE: These documents contain an error, please refer to the updated documents in the separate section above.

Click here to read the Development Contribution Proposal. 
Click here to read the draft Development Contribution Policy 2018.

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Click here to view the draft 10-Year Plan page.
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Supporting InformationOther useful documents

DC Model inputs and parameters

Cost allocations

Growth-related infrastructure maps

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