10-Year Plan 2018-2028

Hamilton City Council adopted its 2018-10 Year Plan on 28 June 2018. ​​

This Plan embraces the opportunities that growth presents as well as making the most of what we've already got. Included in the plan is:

  • strategic infrastructure for growth throughout the city, including opening a new growth cell in Peacocke, to the south of the city
  • a transport programme to improve safety, congestion and transport choice (walking, cycling and public transport)
  • a community infrastructure programme to enhance what we have and provide new community spaces and facilities for a growing city; and
  • a major renewals and maintenance programme to look after and replace existing assets when needed.

This 10-Year Plan also includes an update to our Financial Strategy. We are currently borrowing to pay for everyday costs and this plan will get us to a point where we 'balance the books' from 2021/22. To do this, we are:

  • increasing average ​rates to existing ratepayers by 9.7 % in 2018/19, and then continuing with annual increases of 3.8% after that
  • making changes to our development contributions policy so that developers pay an appropriate share of growth costs
  • taking advantage of a $180M interest-free loan from the government to help pay for growth infrastructure – this saves more than $65M in interest costs for our city
  • working with the government and other partners to access almost $500M in external funding;
  • increasing our debt to revenue ratio to 230 % (that means we can borrow $2.30 for every $1.00 we collect in revenue)
  • Taking up opportunities afforded by innovation, insight and technology to realise savings of $94M.

To read the 10-Year Plan, click on the links below.

10-Year Plan now adopted.

After considering verbal and written submissions through public consultation, and making changes to the 10-Year Plan, average rates changes have been set at a 9.7% increase for 2018/19 and 3.8% annually after that. This is a reduction from the rates proposed in the draft Plan of two years of 9.5% increases and an immediate transition to UAGC and Capital Value rating.

Over the next three years, the Council will complete the transition to full capital value rating, a process begun in 2015.

There will also be a three-year transition to a Uniform Annual General Charge (UAGC) of $500. The transition amount for 2018/19 has been set at $165.00. The UAGC is a fixed portion of rates and not an additional charge. 

Ratepayers can see what the changes mean to their properties by using the search tool on the left 'How your rates might change'

For a summary of decisions made during deliberations click here.

The process followed and information made available during the consultation on the 10-Year Plan can be found here.

Updated Policies

A number of policies have been updated as a result ​of adopting the 2018-28 10-Year Plan. The revised policies can be found at the links below:

Information available during consultation

At the same time as consulting on the 10-Year Plan we also asked for feedback on our draft Development Contributions Policy and a number of rating policies as part of our Rating Review Statement of Proposal. Information that was provided to the community for their feedback, along with a range of supporting information underpinning the consultation documents is available at the links below:
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