10-Year Plan 2012-2022


Every three years all councils must provide a detailed plan which sets out their programme for the next 10 years, how much it will cost and what it will deliver to the city. Hamilton is a great place to live and work, and we are a significant city within New Zealand. 

However as a city we're facing significant financial challenges. This Plan is about living within our means, getting debt under control, returning to surplus and providing for our growing city in a sustainable way. It is about getting the city and its finances back on track.

Further information

Draft Plan

2012-22 10-Year Plan Submissions

The 2012-22 draft 10-Year Plan was open for submissions from 19 March – 19 April 2012.

A total of 724 submissions were received, with just under 200 people requesting to speak at the Council hearings in support of their written submission. The hearings started 14th May 2012.

Deliberations took place on Wednesday 6 and Friday 8 June. View the press release​ for more information on decisions that took place during deliberations. You can also view the minutes to see what took place during the meetings. 

The documents below provide a list of submitters (submission number, name and organisation), with links to the submission documents. 


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