Civic Award winners 2017

​The Civic Awards were presented at a special ceremony in the Council Chamber on Friday 8 December 2017.

Back row left to right: Ravinder Powar, Dr Peter Rothwell, Ken Williamson, Richard Lawrence, Bill McArthur, Mark Perry, Kaye and Bernie Crosby.

Front row left to right: Rachel Wood, Anthea Simcock, Gail Gilbert, Deputy Mayor Martin Gallagher, Mayor Andrew King, Peter Humphreys, Jenevere Foreman, Jo De Lisle, Mhyre Oman. 

Photographer: Mark Walen


  • Bernie and Kaye Crosby – Services to business and the community                
  • Jo De Lisle – Services to education and the community
  • Jenevere Foreman – Services to the community
  • Gail Gilbert – Services to the community
  • Peter Humphreys – Services to social justice
  • Richard Lawrence – Services to the community
  • Bill McArthur – Services to the arts and the community
  • Mhyre Oman – Services to sport
  • Mark Perry – Services to the arts
  • Ravinder Powar – Services to the community
  • Dr Richard (Peter) Rothwell – Services to Medicine
  • Anthea Simcock – Services to the community
  • Ken Williamson – Services to education and the community
  • Rachel Wood – Services to the community
  • Marilyn Yeoman – Services to the community

Click here to view citations outlining the recipients’ contributions.

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