Hearings and Engagement Committee

​Chairperson:Cr Martin Gallagher
Deputy Chairperson​:Cr Ewan Wilson
The Mayor and all Councillors,
Maangai Maaori Olly Te Ua and Te Pora Thompson-Evans​The Mayor and all Councillors and Maangai Maaori (the latter only attending meetings addressing matters relevant to another Committee they are a member of)
​Frequency:​As required
Three members (for matters relating to those functions in points 3 and 4 below).
A majority of members (including vacancies) for all other functions.

Part of the role of Council is to conduct hearings and make decisions in line with legislation relating to the Council’s quasi-judicial functions. That task is undertaken by the Hearings and Engagement Committee.

The Hearings and Engagement Committee is chaired by Cr Martin Gallagher, with Cr Angela O’Leary as deputy. Committee members are the Mayor and all Councillors. Maangai Maaori representatives are members if the meetings involve matters relevant to another committee they are a member of.​

As well as conducting fair and effective hearings under legislation and other matters as referred to the committee, it will also consider and determine changes relating to traffic and speed limit bylaws, including hearing submissions on proposed changes. Other areas it considers are objections under the Dog Control Act, proposals for temporary road closures and matters regarding drainage and works on private land under application legislation.​

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