Infrastructure Operations Committee

Chairperson:Cr Angela O’Leary
Deputy Chairperson​:Cr Sarah Thomson
The Mayor and all Councillors
Maangai Maaori Norm Hill​
​Frequency:​Six weekly
​Quorum:A majority of members (including vacancies)

Providing essential services to the city is one of the most visible parts of the Council’s work and it’s crucial for community health and wellbeing. High-quality, dependable water supplies, effective and efficient treatment of waste, collection of rubbish and recycling and managing how we get around our city on all modes of transport are things a well-run city relies on. Oversight of our day-to-day operations is managed by the Infrastructure Operations Committee.

The Infrastructure Operations Committee is chaired by Cr Angela O’Leary, with Cr Sarah Thomson as deputy. The Mayor, all Councillors, and Maangai Maaori Norm Hill are members of the committee.

The committee manages all our infrastructure operational plans and strategies, as well as the contracts which support them. Guiding discussion around innovation for these services, as well as facilitating engagement and consultation with the community and other stakeholders is the committee’s responsibility, as is ensuring our infrastructure networks and the services we provide meet the requirements of applicable legislation and our consents.

The committee develops policies and provides direction on our involvement in regional alliances, plans, initiatives and forums for joint infrastructure and shared services and monitors our service delivery targets as well as how we are tracking through our Long-Term Plan.

Key policies and bylaws the committee has oversight for include our bylaws for water, wastewater, solid waste, traffic, speed limits and our bylaw relating to earthquake-prone, dangerous or insanitary buildings.

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