Council and Committees

​​​​​The Council has three strategic committees which comprise all member of the Council, as well as other committees which oversee compliance and regulatory matters. The committees act under delegated authority of the Council.

For more information about the Council's governance structure, it committees and delegations go to Council & Committee Governance Structure​​​.

All Council and committee meetings are open to the public to attend unless there is a compelling reason to consider items with the public excluded. "Public Excluded" items are confidential and members of the public will be asked to leave the meeting room until discussion is completed. The public are notified of the legislative reason for an item to be heard in a closed session. Both the Council and the Committee meetings are usually held in the Council Chamber of the Municipal Building in Garden Place.

Further details about upcoming scheduled meetings can be found in the Meeting ​Calendar

Live stream of Council and Committee Meetings

The Council, Growth & Infrastructure Committee, Community, Services, and Environment Committee, Finance Committee, and some Regulatory & Hearing Committee meetings are streamed live.

To view and see upcoming meetings being streamed please go to live stream of Council and ​Committee Meetings​.

We also live stream updates from the Council meeting on our Twitter feed using the #HCClive hashtag and post key decisions on our Facebook page.

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Public forums

Hamilton City Council's Standing Orders (rules of procedure for meetings) allow for a period of up to 30 minutes in each Council and Committee meeting, for a public forum. Public Forum is an opportunity for members of the public to share their view on a matter on the agenda for discussion at that meeting. Speakers are allowed three minutes to address Elected Members.

Speakers will be put on a Public Forum speaking list on a first come first served basis (unless prior contact is made with the Governance unit) in the Council Chamber or Committee Room prior to the start of the meeting.  As many speakers as possible will be heard within the allocated time.
If you have any questions regarding Public Forum, please contact the Governance Team on 07 838 6439 or email​​

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