Election signs

Election sign guidelines for 2016 local body elections

Election signage rules have changed for this year’s local body election. Election signs can be referred to as hoardings, posters, signs or other similar types promotion that are used to display information relating to the election of a candidate(s) or choice of political party or promotions of issues relating to a referendum. The District Plan provides information around the installation of election signs as temporary signs within Hamilton. 

The following rules apply:


  • Temporary election signs shall not be more than 2.5m in height or the maximum sign height for permanent signs on the site under zone rules, whichever is greater.
  • Signs related to elections shall be displayed for no more than three months before (Friday 8 July 2016) election day and must be removed before polling day (Friday 7 October 2016).
  • Election signs are to display the true name and physical address (place of residence or business) of the person authorising them.
  • If a proposed election sign exceeds the District Plan rules, resource consent is required together with payment of the appropriate fee.  An application for resource consent must be made and granted prior to installing the sign.

Billboard signs

  • There is a number of existing billboard signs in Hamilton that have already been granted resource consent for the structure when it was installed. 
  • Election signs on these billboards may be displayed up to three months before an election.  Election signage must be removed before polling day (before midnight Friday 7 October 2016).
  • Please ensure resource consent is obtained from the billboard owner. 
  • New billboards will require a resource consent if the billboard will be permanent or does not utilise an existing billboard structure.

Guidelines for signs on private property

  • Please ensure the consent of the property owner has been obtained before installing signs on private property.
  • Where signs on private property are found to exceed the size or quantity limits outlined in the District Plan, these must be reduced in size or excess signage removed within 24 hours following notification.
  • Please note should any non-complying signage on private property not removed as requested it can result in the issuing of a $300 infringement notice.  Continuing non-compliance can result in subsequent infringement notices being issued for each day the offence continues.

​Hamilton City Parks, Domains and Reserves Bylaw 2012, Hamilton City Public Places Bylaw 2016, Hamilton Traffic Bylaw 2015 and Public Places Policy​

  • No elections signs are permitted on any Council property including road reserve, parks or public places controlled by the Council.
  • Candidates will be asked to remove any non-complying or unsafe signs within 24 hours following notification. 
  • If the Council is required to remove signs, the cost incurred in removing the sign will be recovered from the owner of the sign.
  • Any sign recovered by the Council will be returned to the owner once payment has been received by Council to remove and store the sign.
  • Any sign that remains unclaimed or not returned within one month may be disposed of by the Council.

Sign recovery

  • Any sign on public property that poses an immediate safety risk will be removed and the candidate informed.
  • Where other non-complying signage occurs on public property, the candidate will be contacted and advised to remove the signs within 24 hours.  
  • Where a candidate has been contacted previously about non-complying signage on public property, any subsequent signs will be removed without further notification.
  • Any signs recovered by Council staff can be collected at Hamilton City Council’s Duke St Depot – 44 Duke St during normal business hours. Signs must be collected within three weeks or they will be disposed of.

Further information

Please contact the Council’s customer service team on 07 838 6699 or at: customerservice@hcc.govt.nz.

State highways

Please refer to New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). They can be contacted on telephone 07 958 7229 or at: deon.saul@nzta.govt.nz.​

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