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​View Council and committee meetings live above (Note: This stream is best viewed using Google Chrome)

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Here are the scheduled Council and Committee Meetings during August and September.

​Thursday, 27 August (Starting 9.30am)​Growth and Infrastructure Committee Meeting
​Thursday, 29 August (Starting 9.30am)​​Regulatory and Hearings Committee Meeting
​​Thursday, 5 September (Starting 9.30am)​Extraordinary Council meeting ​
​​Tuesday, 10 September (Starting 9.30am)Finance Committee Meeting 
​​Tuesday, 17 September (Starting 9.30am)​Council Meeting 
​Thursday, 26 September (Starting 1pm)​Council Meeting (End of Triennium) 

Download agendas and minutes and view the Council and Committ​​ee meeting calendar.

Please note: during the live meeting, the screen will appear blank or with a Council logo during breaks or public excluded items. Live stream will appear again when the meeting continues.

Video on demand

Missed the last Council and committee meeting or want to watch a particular item?

You can watch previous Council and committee meetings on demand through our Hamilton City Council YouTube channel.

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