Official information requests and responses 2015

​We are committed to promoting openness and transparency in everything we do, including publishing online our responses to official information requests with a wider public interest.

Official information requests are governed by the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA).  Our responses to these requests are available here and will be added to regularly.

Information requested by the media, public sector organisations and MPs will always be published. 

Individual requestors' privacy will be protected.  Information specific to an individual or their property will not generally be published.

​For further information, please contact our Governance Team​ by email

Subject of RequestDat​e Received
​Reference Number
​Noise issues​7 January 2015​1518
Bulk Building Consent Information ​12 January 2015​1510
Injuries sustained on a Marae​12 January 2015​1502
Resource consents​12 January 2015​1511
​Parking fine infringements​13 January 2015​1512
Auction of lot 160 Hamilton West​14 January 2015​1507
Ancillary flat building consents​21 January 2015​1513
​Report on Know it Live It programme​27 January 2015​1514
Overgrown trees​29 January 2015​1515
​Temple view decision​30 January 2015​1521
Cemeteries and Crematorium​​2 February 2015​1519
Network utilities​4 February 2015​1517
Sale and supply of alcohol Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival​9 February 2015​1520
Youth strategies and policies​13 February 2015​1524
​Funding information​16 February 2015​1530
​Noise control reports​18 February 2015​1526
RMA infringements​27 February 2015​1529
Water related issues​2 March 2015​1532
​Proposed dog control bylaw and policy ​2 March 2015​1533
Electronic parking meter​4 March 2015​1534
Dog control bylaw​9 March 2015​1535
Retirement remuneration ​9 March 2015​1538
Remuneration costs​11 March 2015​1540
Drinking water subsidy scheme​16 March 2015​1541
Fluoride analysis
​18 March 2015​1542
Building on corner of Collingwood and Alexander Street​19 March 2015​1544
David O McKay building in Temple View has been condemned​23 March 2015​1546
Older persons panel​30 March 2015​1545
Resource applications and consent form applications​1 April 20​15​1548
Future planning matters​1 April 2015​1549
Waste tracking and disposal​2 April 2015​1547
​Parking meter revenue​​8 April 2015​1551
​Workshops and meetings​9 April 2015​1553
​Resource applications and consents rule 4.4.7 of the district plan​10 April 2015​1552
​Parking charges and infringements​17 April 2015​​1554
Capital expenditure Enderley Park Community Centre​22 April 2015​1556
​Sustainable development and smart growth​23 April 2015​1555
​Parking tickets and income from infringements​5 May 2015​1559
Staff earnings under $60,000​6 May 2015​1558
​Fluoride free Hamilton​10 May 2015​1561
Sewage Treatment Plant audit​10 May 2015​1562
Pipeline maintenance and fluoride related matters​10 May 2015​1561
​Hearing of submissions on Long Term plan​12 May 2015​1564
Subdivision resource consent​13 May 2015​1566
​Council staff salaries and employee benefits​15 May 2015​1569
Temple View applica​tion​15 May 2015​1568
Temple View de​molition​22 May 2015​1572
​Temple View subdivision​22 May 2015​1573
Temple View resource cons​ent​25 May 2015​1576
Funeral home and mortuary​25 May 2015​1578
​Councillor Meeting attendance​27 May 2015​1575
​1 Clow Place/ 4 Gallagher Drive Hamilton​28 May 2015​1579
​Pensioner Housing​29 May 2015​1581
​Pensioner Housing​29 May 2015​1582
​Temple View resource consent application​2 June 2015​1583
Staff Remuneration costs​2 June 2015​1580
Meeting attendance​7 June 2015​1586
​Land owned by Auckland residents​8 June 2015​1587
Notice of meetings and deferrals​10 June 2015​1589
Parking tickets outside schools​​19 June 2015​1590
Claudelands Event Centre​1 July 2015​1593
​Intersection changes​2 July 2015​15144
Minutes of the hearings subcommittee meeting​3 July 2015​15101
​Weed control methods ​7 July 2015​15115
Premises authorised to sell alcohol and cigarettes​13 July 2015​15103
​Waikato Innovations Park​20 July 2015​15105
​Sensitive sites​28 July 2015​15122
​Broadband and related issues​3 August 2015​15118
Claudelands Event Centre​5 August 2015​15135
Further follow up - sensitive sites​6 August 2015​15122
Minutes and social and community committee meeting​7 August 2015​15123
Average residential rates​8 August 2015​15117
Elected Members use of council photocopiers​11 August 2015​15127
Waikato Stadium​14 August 2015​15125
​Cycle count numbers​17 August 2015​15133
Waikato Museum reports​17 August 2015​15134
Waste Production​18 August 2015​15128
​Parking and t​raffic​24 August 2015​15138
​​Pensioner housing​25 August 2015​15139
Issue of cleansing methamphetamine decontamination​25 August 2015​15140
​Pensioner housing​26 August 2015​15142
Fluoride issues​4 September 2015​15169
​Land parcel​5 September 2015​15155
Bylaw on running a public access swimming pool​7 September 2015​15153
​Councillor use of photocopier and mobile phone charges​8 September 2015​15152
Art works owned by Hamilton City Council ​​10 September 2015​​15151
​Traffic across poster sites​​11 September 2015​15150
Procurement for August​11 September 2015​15156
​Planner reports​14 September 2015​15158
Quarterly report​14 September 2015​15161
Spending on Elected Members meals​18 September 2015​15162
Companies in the restaurant cafe sector​21 September 2015​15163
Apartment building statistics​21 September 2015​15164
​Hamilton Zoo​22 September 2015​15165
Hamilton Traffic data​25 September 2015​15168
Hamilton Zoo​28 September 2015​15172
​Community facilities ​30 September 2015​15170
Resource Management Amendment Act​30 September 2015​15171
​Elected Members funded media training​2 October 2015​15175
Parks and reserves near Cumberland Drive​5 October 2015​15174
Deep sea drilling submissions​6 October 2015​15177
​Elected members expenditure​8 October 2015​15179
Hamilton Zoo​8 October 2015​15180
Notable and significant trees​13 October 2015​15184
Neighbour complaints​19 October 2015​15188
Sports funding​22 October 2015​15194
Indians in Hamilton​22 October 2015​15195
Elected members leave​27 October 2015​15192
Vandalism costs​27 October 2015​15193
​LAP Development costs​29 October 2015​15196
Employee statistics​4 Novem​​ber 2015​15204
Living Wage​9 November 2015​15202
Window washers at intersection​16 November 2015​15207
Renaming Ward Park​22 November 2015​15209
Traffic volume data Norton Road​23 November 2015​15210
Traffic flow and crash data​25 November 2015​15212
Council meetings and workshops​30 November 2015​15211
​Councillor election process6 December 2015​​15215
​Payments in lieu of carparking spaces​7 December 2015​15214
Parking tickets and towed vehicles​8 December 2015​15218
​Plap resolutions​14 December 2015​15221
​Pensioner housing questions​14 December 2015​15222


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