Official information requests and responses 2017

​​​​​We are committed to promoting openness and transparency in everything we do, including publishing online our responses to official information requests with a wider public interest.

Official information requests are governed by the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA).  Our responses to these requests are available here and will be added to regularly.

Information requested by the media, public sector organisations and MPs will always be published. 

Individual requestors' privacy will be protected.  Information specific to an individual or their property will not generally be published.

​For further information, please contact our Governance Team​ by email

Subject of RequestDat​e Received
​Reference Number
​Fluoride Hazard Sheet
​12 October 2017​17145
Noise control infringements between Jan 2015 and Oct 2017​11 October 2017​17135
Library issues, fines and overdue books​11 October 2017​17133
​HCC Staff Turnover​3 October 2017​17129
Management of deceased pets on public property​19 September 2017​17126
Municipal Water Supply Bores​13 September 2017​17124
Natural Disaster Preparedness​7 August 2017​17109
​Cemeteries, Crematoriums and Funeral Homes​26 July 2017​17105
​Noise Control Information for 5 years​14 June 2017​17092
Water Supplies ​21 June 2017​17095
​Cancelled Library Books​18 June 2017​17081
​District Licensing Committee Decisions 2014-2017​11 June 2017​17090
​Use of Automated Technologies to Capture Licence Plate Numbers​30 May 2017​17086
​Regulations on Tree Size in Urban Backyards​21 April 2017​17072
​Founders Theatre Options​28 March 2017​17052
​Hamilton Zoo: animal acquisition and feeding costs​20 March 2017​17048
2014-2017 ​Council Statistics on Dogs: Barking, Roaming and Attacks​3 March 2017​17044
​Housing Development at Jebson Place​20 February 2017​17033
​Council's Financial Record Keeping, Cost Code Classifications​9 February 2017​17026
​Council Owned Earthquake Prone Buildings​31 January 2017​17022
​​​Tristam and Clarence Street intersection​9 January 2017​17001
LGNZ Training costs​9 January 2017​17002
​Colony Cage Egg Farm​16 January 2017​17008
​Council's gift register​17 January 2017​17015
Drinking water standards​19 January 2017​17016
​Commercial Piggeries​20 January 2017​​17014
​​Expenses on purchase cards​21 January 2017​​17023
Council's communication restrictions​23 January 2017​17017
​Living Wage ​8 February 2017​17032
Walking and Cycling incidents data​22 February 2017​17036
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