Official information requests and responses 2018

​​​​​We are committed to promoting openness and transparency in everything we do, including publishing online our responses to official information requests with a wider public interest.

Official information requests are governed by the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA).  Our responses to these requests are available here and will be added to regularly.

Information requested by the media, public sector organisations and MPs will always be published. 

Individual requestors' privacy will be protected.  Information specific to an individual or their property will not generally be published.

​For further information, please contact our Governance Team​ by email


​Subject of Request​Date Received​Reference Number
​Accounting Period​9 August 2018​18174
​Audit NZ Report​6 August 2018​18173
​Pollution of Lake by Ducks​19 July 2018​18162
​Incidents of Abuse at Libraries​4 July 2018​18156
Dog Licensing Figures​3 July 2018​18153
​Wages of Library Staff​2 July 2018​18151
​10-Year Plan Audit​15 June 2018​18145
Library Lending Statistics​8 June 2018​18139
​Seismic Assessments ​8 June 2018​18138
​District Plan Infill​8 June 2018​18137
​Affordable Housing ​8 June 2018​18136
​Request for Services Data and Statistics​6 June 2018​18135
Elected Members Voting Records​4 June 2018​18134
​Current Debt and Debt Capacity​5 June 2018​18130
​Mill Street Sports Park Contamination​30 May 2018​18128
​Budget for Maintanence of Roadside Gardens​21 May 2018​18123
​Process for Classifying Dangerous Dogs​21 May 2018​18121
Civic Gifts for 12 month period​18 May 2018​18120
Expenses - catering, Gifts and Entertainment further expanded​3 May 2018​18119
​Founders Audience and Patronage Figures for 5 Years​11 May 2018​18115
​Full List of Assets held by Hamilton City Council​7 May 2018​18104
​Staff Turnover - Further Information​10 May 2018​18112
​Costs of Consultants Used during 10-Year Plan process​30 April 2018​18105
​Rates Rise Proposal Background Information​30 April 2018​18103
Infrastructure Alliance Data​1 May 2018​18098
IBIS Hotel and Founders Theatre​18 April 2018​18096
​Revenue from Rugby Sevens​18 April 2018​18090
Purchase of Park and Ride Land​17 April 2018​18088
Number of Commercial Buildings in Hamilton Area​12 April 2018​18086
Standing Orders Review​12 April 201818085
Debt Ratio Information​4 April 2018​18078
Commercial Chicken Farms​4 April 2018​18076
​Hamilton Gardens Entry Fee Proposal​3 April 2018​18070
Parking Tickets Statistics​29 March 2018​18068
Library Statistics and Data​25 March 2018​18063
Dog Education Hours​21 March 2018​18059
​Waikato Regional Theatre Proposal​21 March 2018​18058
​Tree Evaluation Methodology​18 March 2018​18055
Statistics for Online Food Selling​16 March 2018​18054
Arsenic Contamination in Lake Rotoroa​8 March 2018​18044
​Noise complaints and Hamilton Gardens10 February 2018​​18033
​Hamilton City Water Fluoridation 1986 - 1996​6 February 2018​18032
Developer Contributions​9 February 2018​18030
​Number of Residential Developments in Hamilton 2013-2017​30 January 2018​18022
Funding for the Huddleston Airship​29 January 2018​18021
​​​Funding of Hamilton's Public Spaces​​​​​​25 January 2018​18017
​Hamilton City Residential Water Leaks​22 January 2018​18016
​Hamilton City Council Building Consent Value​19 January 2018​18015
​Hamilton City Council Drone Usage​6 January 2018​18010
Hamilton Transport Centre ​Bathroom Cleaning Logs​12 January 2018​18009
​​Zoo Visitor Numbers​10 January 2018​18002

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