Official information requests and responses 2019

​​​​​​​We are committed to promoting openness and transparency in everything we do, including publishing online our responses to official information requests with a wider public interest.

Official information requests are governed by the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA).  Our responses to these requests are available here and will be added to regularly. 

Information requested by the media, public sector organisations and MPs will always be published. 

LGOIMA requests in relation to VOTR are currently being compiled and will be available as soon as possible. Information in relation to the decisions made by Council on this matter can be found here and here.

Individual requestors' privacy will be protected.  Information specific to an individual or their property will not generally be published.

​For further information, please contact our Governance Team​ by email. 

​Subject of Request​Date Received​Reference Number
Arts Funding​22 September 2019​19286
Development at Hare Puke/Borman Road​17 September 2019​19280
​HCC spending on Elected Members Personal and Professional Development and Expenditure​23 August 2019​​​19255/19254
Meeting Attendance  ​23 August 2019​19253
​Meeting Attendance  ​20 August 2019​19246
​Standing Orders​15 August 2019​​19237
​Climate Action Plan​13 August 2019​19236
​Income on the Development Contributions Policy​12 August 2019​19235
​​Clarence Street Trust​​9 August 2019​19233
​Claudelands and H3​8 August 2019​19231
​Claudelands Events Centre​7 August 2019​19230
​E Scooter Collection Costs​2 August 2019​19229
Annual Plan Variances​25 July 2019​19228
Process for the Claudelands Bike Pedestrian works​30 July 2019​​19227
​Rates Subsidy​2 August 2019​19226
Hamilton Youth Council​1 August 2019​19225
Free Parking in the CBD​31 July 2019​19221
Hardship Grant 2018​30 July 201919220​
​National Policy Statement Legislation​30 July 2019​19219
HCC 10-Year Plan 2018-28​30 July 2019​19218
​Correspondence between HCC and Other Councils concerning strategic arrangement​30 July 2019​19217
​Cycle Lanes​30 July 2019​19216
Richard Briggs - Company​30 July 2019​19213
​Infringement Notices​24 July 2019​19212
​Pregnancy Counselling Services​23 July 2019​19210
​Mayors Trips to China​22 July 2019​19209
​Infringement Notice​19 July 2019​19207
​HCC Staff FTE​19 July 2019​19206
Debt Distribution Across Rate Categories​17 July 2019​19203
​246, 250, 254, 260 and 266 Victoria Street​16 July 2019​19201
​Parking Warden Statistics​16 July 2019​19199
​Living Wage​15 July 2019​19198
​Building Consent Statistics​14 July 2019​19193
Shaws Bird Park​12 July 2019​19191
​Peacocke Development​12 July 2019​19190
​Chedworth Development​12 July 2019​19189
​Potholes​10 July 2019​19187
​Library Arrangement with WDC​10 July 2019​19182
Liquor License​2 July 2019​19179
​Council Activity Costs​30 June 2019​19177
​Supporting Data Request​25 June 2019​19176
Future Proof​26 June 2019​19175
​City Safe Patrolling Guards​24 June 2019​19173
68 Bartholomew Drive, Hamilton​24 June 2019​19172
​The Base Resource Consents​22 June 2019​19171
​Hamilton Biking Plan​22 June 2019​19169
​Enforcement Considerations​22 June 2019​19168
​5G, Smart Cities and LED Lighting​21 June 2019​19167
HCC WOF​​18 June 2019​19166
Population Information​19 June 2019​19165
​Richmond Park School ​15 June 2019​19164
​Different Events at FMG Stadium Waikato ​15 June 2019​19163
Building (Earthquake-prone Buildings) Amendment Act 2016 ​17 June 2019​19161
​Council Policy​15 June 2019​19158
Building Unit policy and procedures ​12 June 2019​19154
​section 39(a) of the LGA – “Governance principles”​​07 June 2019​19152
​Building consents for May 2019​11 June 2019​19151
Soak Pits ​10 June 2019​19150
​Hamilton to Auckland Rail​07 June 2019​19148
​Performance Criteria in the CE's contract ​06 June 2019​19147
​Standing Orders​05 June 2019​19146
​Dog registration fees and breakdown ​05 June 2019​19145
Environmental Health Officers ​31 May 2019​19144
CCTV Cameras​02 June 2019​19143
​BRANZ wind zone map and related policy​03 June 2019​19142
75 Dey Street wind zone correspondence​03 June 2019​19141
Elected Members ​30 May 2019​19140
​Hamilton Prostitution Bylaw Hearings - Cancelled​30 May 2019​19138
HCC credit rating for period 2008 to 2019​29 May 2019​19136
CE Remuneration​24 May 2019​19133
​Gambling Policy Review Costs ​21 May 2019​19129
​Parking Tickets ​16 May 2019 ​19127
​Data generated from Hamilton City Council-owned cameras ​15 May 2019​19121
​Standing Orders/Code of Conduct​​​21 May 2019​​19128
Complaint Policy​16 May 2019​19125
​Poultry at Taitua Arboretum​16 May 2019​19124
​Ruakura Inland Port​15 May 2019​19123
​Expired Certificate of Code Compliances​30 April 2019​19122
​HCC Debt​14 May 2019​19120
​Poisoning of Animals​14 May 2019​19119
Draft Waste and Recycling Better Practice Guidelines​14 May 2019​19118
CEO Contract​​13 May 2019​19117
​Taitua Arboretum Staff​12 May 2019​19116
Poultry Feed​12 May 2019​19115
​Poultry​12 May 2019​19114
Correspondence with Remuneration Authority​10 May 2019​19110
​Firing Ranges​9 May 2019​19109
Residential Infrastructure​ ​22 Jun 2019​​19108
Lights Malfunction at Hamilton Lake​9 May 2019​19107
​Mayoral Billboards​5 May 2019​19101
​ BRANZ wind zone map​27 April 2019​19095
​CEO Contract​29 April 2019​19091
​Claudelands Report​27 April 2019​19090
Claudelands Event Centre ​24 April 2019​19089
Claudelands Grandstand​17 April 2019​19087
Hamilton Properties Ltd / Winding up 1998​18 April 2019​19086
​NPS/ Future Proof/ 3 monthly updates​18 April 2019​19085
Waste Management​17 April 2019​19084
​Innovation Park/ Ruakura/ Hamilton​16 April 2019​19083
​Foodstuffs North Island application​11 April 2019​19082
​LED billboards in Hamilton​6 April 2019​19076
Provisional and Final election results for the Mayoral election and both Hamilton East and West wards in 2016​5 April 2019​19074
​Staff wages  and numbers for H3 / for the period 2008 to 2019​3 April 2019​19073
Residential development programme ​3 April 2019​19072
Claudelands Arena​2 April 2019​19070
Rubbish and Recycling in Hamilton ​29 March 2019​19069
​Tonkin and Taylor desktop liquefaction report ​28 March 2019​19068
​Municipal Pools​27 March 2019​19067
Current Market price for supply of bulk water​26 March 2019 ​19066
​ Councillors with Pecuniary interest in awarded contracts​27 March 2019​19065
​402 Victoria St ( corner of Alma St ) and 12 Alma St Hamilton​25 March 2019​19063
Council's Average Cost of Debt​18 March 2019​19061
Hamilton Flood Maps​11 March 2019​19059
Documents relating to the Hood St upgrades 2000 to 2018​13 March 2019​19058
Documents relating to the Garden Place upgrades 2000 to 2018​13 March 2019​19057
​Worley Place Anglesea Street Underground Carpark​13 March 2019​19056
Residential Land Supply and methodology​12 March 2019​19055
​CCTV cameras that the Hamilton City Council currently own or manage​12 March 2019​19054
​Claudelands Events Centre​11 March 2019​19053
​NPS on Urban Development Capacity​8 March 2019​19052
​Recycling​6 March 2019​19051
HNZ Building Consent Process for Maeroa area​5 March 2019​19050
Hamilton Properties Ltd Annual Reports 1996 to 2018​5 March 2019 ​19049
Parking officer Perks ​5 March 2019​19048
Churches or religious groups​1 March 2019 ​19047
Red Light Running​3 March 2019​19046
Municipal Pools Conservation Plans​3 March 2019 ​19045
Rejected Street Names​1 March 2019​19044
Most Popular Street sign​1 March 2019​19043
Hayes Paddock Heritage Precinct in District Plan​28 February 2019​19042
Business of quarrying aggregate​22 February 2019​19041
​Peacocks area/ Business case/ Govt funding​22 February 2019​19040
278 Victoria Street​21 February 2019​19039
Hamilton Properties BNZ Building​20 February 2019​19038
Land Purchase - VOTR Report​19 February 2019​19037
Hamilton V8 Costings Meeting Minutes​20 February 2019​19036
​Knox Street Hood Street carpark​19 February 2019​19035
Underground Carparking Building​19 February 2019​19034
Water Pressure and Booster Pump​18 February 2019​19031
Library Statistics​14 February 2019​19030
Claudelands Arena​13 February 2019​19029
Councillor 2013 Expenses12 February 2019​19026
Visitor and tourist information for the Hamilton Gardens​4 February 2019​19024
DC Policy and methodology​1 February 2019​19023
​2019 Ratepayers' Report (Territorial Authorities​1 February 2019​19022
Differential Rates Breakdown 2000 to 2018​1 February 2019​19021
​HSBC Rugby Sevens​31 January 2019​19019
Peacockes v Rotokauri Developments​31 January 2019​19018
Waste Management and Minimisation Plan funding Grants​31 January 2019​19017
Municipal Pool31 January 2019​19016
Advertising Costs​30 January 2019​19015
Draft VOTR Audit NZ Report​29 January 2019​19014
HSBC NZ Sevens expenses​28 January 2019​19013
10 Year Plan Rates Resolutions​24 January 2019​19012
LED Lighting Standards​14 January 2019​19010
​V8 Audit Report​19 January 2019​19009
Childcare Consents​17 January 2019​19008
HCC Municipal​ Endowment Funds 1991 to 2018​16 January 2019​19007
Economic Grants to Toyota NZ​16 January 2019​19006
Building Consents​15 January 2019​19005
Parking Enforcement costs​14 January 2019​19004
​Residential land Supply and methodology​24 December 2018 ​19002
​Cobham Drive Cycleways​23 December 2018​19001

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