Official information requests and responses 2020

We are committed to promoting openness and transparency in everything we do, including publishing online our responses to official information requests with a wider public interest.

Official information requests are governed by the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA).  Our responses to these requests are available here and will be added to regularly. 

Information requested by the media, public sector organisations and MPs will always be published. 

LGOIMA requests in relation to VOTR are currently being compiled and will be available as soon as possible. Information in relation to the decisions made by Council on this matter can be found here and here.

Individual requestors' privacy will be protected.  Information specific to an individual or their property will not generally be published.

​For further information, please contact our Governance Team​ by email. 

Subject of RequestDate ReceivedReference Number
Council's Treasury Policy
Iwi Engagement 
​Claudelands Bridge conversion to accomodate cycles - further questions​29/7/2020​20202
​Managed Isolation Facility​27/7/2020​20196

Member Attendance/Remuneration

​Advertising Expenditure​9/7/2020​20181
​The number of liquor licences Hamilton City Council are currently processing​29/7/2020​20201
Processing liquor licences​29/7/2020​20200
Cell Phone Towers​15/7/2020​20193
​The spend on infrastructure costs​10/7/2020​20184
Subdivision processing statistics​8/7/2020​20180
​List of road names in Hamilton ​6/7/2020
Claudelands Bridge Conversion.pdf
​Summary of fuel tax and fuel consumption collected by Hamilton City Council ​6/7/2020​20174
​Elected members code of conduct breaches​6/7/2020​20173
Hamilton City Council's artwork collection​6/7/2020​20172
​Local authority fuel tax payments​3/7/2020​20171
​Council's free parking trial​2/7/2020​20170
Council's activity costs​2/7/2020​20169
Staff code of conduct​1/7/2020
​Building demolitions​29/6/2020​20162
The physical addresses of all Council co-owned property more than 50m2​29/6/2020​20161
Council's vision for central city streets​29/6/2020​20160
​Liability Management Report​25/6/2020​20156
​Staff speeding tickets​23/06/2020​20155
​Information relating to the H3 Group​22/06/2020​20150
​The removal of the Captain Hamilton Statue​15/06/2020​20141
​Salary of Hamilton City Council's Chief Executive, Mayor, Elected Members and Managers.  The number of staff members earning more than $80 000 per annum​13/06/2020​20140
​Municipal Pools​12/06/2020​20136
​Capital Projects​11/06/2020​20135
​Relief for SME's in hospitality during Covid-19​05/06/2020​20132
​Flagstaff development ​05/06/2020​20131
​Arthur Porter Drive reconstruction​22/5/2020​20125
​The cost of building Parkour Park at Innes Common​28/05/2020​20124
​The safety of Lime Scooters in Covid-19​25/05/2020​20115
​Failure to provide a dog with proper care​24/05/2020​20112
​The cost of staffing government agencies​15/05/2020​20102
​Maps and information in regards to the housing corp build in Rototuna​15/05/2020​20101
​Future Proof/Greenstone report​12/05/2020​20100
Hamilton City Council's dog park policy during the level 2 Covid-19 restrictions​13/05/2020​20099
​Inaugural Council meetings​11/05/2020​20094
Peacockes Development​08/05/2020​20092
​Restrict covenants/Concentrated land ownership​07/05/2020​20090
​Built environment information​04/05/2020​20088
​Council's remuneration budget​04/05/2020​20087
Number of residential dwellings in Hamilton City from 2009 - 201901/05/202020086
Household Plastic Recycling​21/04/2020​20078
​Industrial Recycling​21/04/2020​20077
Tyre Recycling​21/04/2020​20076
​Council Salary Cuts​20/04/2020​20072
​10 year budget plan​04/04/2020​20064
​Founders Theatre​10/03/2020​20051
​Location of specified Council assets​10/03/2020​20050
​Arthur Porter Drive ​06/03/2020​20045
​Infrastructure Enabled Greenfield Land Supply​02/03/2020​20043
Founders Theatre Plan​26/02/2020​20041
Chief Executive pay rise and Elected Member voting ​24/02/2020​20034
Consent Statistics​26/02/2020​20042
Number of dwellings in Hamilton​26/02/2020​20039
Dogs in Hamilton City​26/02/2020​20037
​Car Parking in Hamilton​18/02/2020​20032
Waikato Expressway Ruakura Interchange ​16/02/2020​20031
Current resource consents for child care centres in Rototuna​14/02/2020​20029
Capacity of the water network​13/02/202020027​
​Three Waters Infrastructure Capacity​13/02/2020​20026
Food Act Interventions11/02/2020​​20024
Cost of intersection work​04/02/2020​20022
​Information relating to tyre removal​03/02/2020​20021
Rainwater tank use and your Council regulations and practices ​30/01/2020​20019
Dixon Road Roundabout​27/01/2020​20015
Fluoride levels for Hamilton 2017 and 2018​26/01/2020​20014
HCC stream work undertaken in Sanford Park​21/01/2020​20011
Dixon Road Roundabout​20/01/2020​20009
Remuneration Structure​18/01/2020​20008
​List of Building Consents ​16/01/2020​20005
Dog attack complaints and prosecutions​13/01/2020​20003
Resource Consents​31/12/2019​20002
​Dog Registrations​27/12/2019​20001​L

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