Official information requests and responses 2014

​​​We are committed to promoting openness and transparency in everything we do, including publishing online our responses to official information requests with a wider public interest.

Official information requests are governed by the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA).  Our responses to these requests are available here and will be added to regularly.

Information requested by the media, public sector organisations and MPs will always be published. 

Individual requestors' privacy will be protected.  Information specific to an individual or their property will not generally be published.

​For further information, please contact our Governance Team​ by email

Subject of Request​​Dat​e Received
​Reference Number
​Application Subdivision​5 August 2014​330
​Older persons housing financials​20 August 2014​​323
Disputed parking tickets​27 August 2014​325
​Dog registration fees​27 August 2014​327
​Star turf indoor hockey building consent​10 September 2014​336
Council staff numbers and earnings​17 September 2014​333
​Unpaid fines​21 September 2014​332
Rating review​22 September 2014​329
Council owned vehicles​23 September 2014​331
​Traffic bylaw windscreen washers​2 October 2014​339
Stray cats​7 October 2014​342
​​Councillors attendance and portfolios​7 October 2014​343
Climate change risk assessment​21 October 2014​345
​Exotic trees​28 October 2014​346
Barking dogs​28 October 2014​347
​Personal grievances​30 October 2014​348
Costs for housing review​31 October 2014​365
​Waterworld Lifeguards​3 November 2014​344
​Staff expenditure​11 November 2014​350
​Public exclude​d business​11 November 2004​356
Spending on consultants​11 November 2014​353
​Council rates​​11 November 2014​357
​Council controlled organisations​11 November 2014​358
​Vandalism costs​12 November 2014​352
Social me​dia​12  November 2014​354
​Legal fe​es​12 November 2014​355
​Accidents​12 November 2014​359
Liquor licensing applications​17 November 2014​369
​Knox Street​19 November 2014​368
​Building consents​3 December 2014​374
Tangent investments​7 December 2014​370
River glade arches​9 December 2014​376
OPUS Aquatic facilities review​11 December 2014​379
​Council resolution development contribution policy​18 December 2014​378


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