Otama-ngenge Integrated Catchment Management Plan

An Integrated Catchment Management Plan (ICMP) has been developed for the Otama-ngenge Catchment.   This 822 hectare catchment is part of both Waikato District and Hamilton City Council’s territories within the Waikato Region.   
ICMPs help councils make better decisions about land use, water resources and infrastructure. ICMPs will ensure water, stormwater and wastewater are planned, developed and managed in a way that supports growth, while making sure the impacts on our infrastructure networks, gullies, streams and river are understood and managed.  Application of ICMPs also ensure stormwater activities will be consistent with national and  regional policies, rules and comprehensive stormwater discharge consents. 
This ICMP predominantly focuses on managing the effects of urban development in Hamilton City Council’s jurisdiction; however some best practicable options also extend into Waikato District territory and should be considered when developing this area. 

Queries about this ICMP can be made to ICMP@hcc.govt.nz​.
Page reviewed: 15 May 2019 8:02am