Council Controlled Organisations

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Council Controlled Organisations are accountable to the council, who determines the objectives for each of these organisations and monitors their performance. The council is accountable to its ratepayers and residents for the performance of Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs)

Hamilton City's Council Controlled Organisations 

The following are classified as Council Controlled Organisa​tions:

Hamilton Properties Ltd

Although this is a non-operating company that is no longer trading, Council has retained this company with a view to utilising its tax losses in the future.

Local Authority Shared Services Ltd

The objective of this company is to provide local authorities within the Waikato region with shared services, particularly in relation to information collection and management.

The first shared initiative of this company has been the establishment and operation of a Shared Valuation Database Service (SVDS). Council holds 7.69% of the shares in Local Shared Services Ltd.

The remaining shares are owned by Waikato Regional Council (Environment Waikato), Franklin, Waikato, Thames-Coromandel, Hauraki, Matamata-Piako, Waipa, Otorohanga, Waitomo, South Waikato, Taupo and Rotorua District Councils.

Waikato Innovation Growth Ltd and New Zealand Food Innovation Waikato Ltd​

Waikato Regional Airport Ltd

The objective of this company is to operate a successful commercial business, providing safe, appropriate and efficient services for the transportation of people and freight in and out of the port of Hamilton.

Council holds 50% of the Hamilton Airport company's shares, with the remaining shares owned by Matamata-Piako, Otorohanga, Waikato and Waipa District Councils.

Council interests

Although the following are not classified as Council Controlled Organisations under the LGA 2002, Council also has interests in:

Hamilton Fibre Network Ltd

Commenced 28 March 2008. The company controls a high speed urban broadband network which is currently under development. Council currently holds 34.85% of A shares in Hamilton Fibre Network Ltd.

The remaining A shares are owned by Environment Waikato, University of Waikato, and Waikato Institute of Technology, and the partially issued B Shares by Telco Infrastructure Investments Ltd.

Hamilton based Velocity Networks Ltd is the operator of the Hamilton Fibre Network and is a broadband provider that offers a range of some of the best broadband plans available in New Zealand.

New Zealand Local Government Insurance Corporation Ltd (trading as Civic Insurance)

Provides insurance services to local authorities in New Zealand. Council holds 3.17% of the shares in the NZ Local Government Insurance Co. Ltd, with the remaining shares held by other councils in New Zealand.

Waikato Innovation Park

New Zealand’s growth hub for Ag-Biotech businesses. Run by Innovation Waikato Ltd, the park is located on 17 hectares of land next to the Ruakura Research Centre, home to AgResearch, HortResearch, Landcare and Dexcel.

It is also in close proximity to the University of Waikato Campus. Council has invested $2.4m in Waikato Innovation Park to enable development of at least one new building on the site. 

Council Organisations

Council Organisations are organisations in which one or more local authorities control any proportion of voting rights or rights to appoint trustees, directors or managers of the organisation.

The following are classified as Council Organisations:

  • Community Well-Being Grants Allocation Committee - financial assistance to not-for-profit community groups
  • Waikato Regional Transport Committee
  • Waikato Regional Council – Middle-Waikato Subcommittee (Project Watershed)
  • Waikato Creative New Zealand Fund Allocation Committee
  • Joint Hamilton Sub-Regional Growth Strategy Committee
  • Lake Rotokauri Advisory Committee
  • SODA Inc
  • Te Runanga O Kirikiriroa Joint Venture Committee – Maori partnership
  • The Katolyst Group - Formed to own Innovation Waikato Ltd
  • Waikato Region Civil Defence Emergency Management Group*
  • Waikato Valley Emergency Operations Area Emergency Management Committee
  • New Zealand Local Government Funding Agency 
    The New Zealand Local Government Funding Agency Ltd (LGFA) specialises in funding the New Zealand local government sector, the primary purpose being to provide more efficient funding costs and diversified funding sources for New Zealand local authorities.

Hamilton City Council and other Councils jointly control 50% or more of the votes or controlling body of the organisation. However these two organisations do not operate as a trading undertaking. These organisations are CCO and need to obtain a section 7 LGA 2002 exemption for reporting as a CCO.

  • Waikato Region Civil Defence Emergency Management Group
  • WEL Energy Trust Joint Territorial Capital Beneficiaries Working Party

For more information from the 2009-19 Long Term Council Community Plan check out The Financials in Detail (PDF, 422KB).

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