​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Hamilton City Council now conducts all of it​s purchasing online through the Tenderlink Online Portal. For existing suppliers this means a change in the way tender notices are advertised.

What does this mean for suppliers and contractors?

  • If you already have a Tenderlink login, you will be able to use the same login details for the Hamilton City Council Portal that you use for LGtenders.

  • Hamilton City tenderers have already been automatically migrated over from the LGtenders portal so if you have a subscription with LGtenders or you will still have access to all Hamilton City tenders plus the other councils in the region(s) that you have subscribed to.

  • Supplier and contractor registration on the Hamilton City portal is free.

  • If Hamilton City Council has added you to Tenderlink in the past, all your details and tender history have been migrated over to the new portal so registration is not required.

​If you register as a supplier on the Hamilton City Council e-tendering portal it is important you keep your organisation’s details, including email addresses, current. Due to privacy issues, Hamilton City Council is unable to access your account and update these.
Incorrect organisation details including email addresses could lead to your organisation not being advised of potential tender opportunities so we urge you to go online and check that these are correct.
To view or change your organisation details, log into the Hamilton City Council e-tendering portal at

Editing Organisation Details

From the Our Details box, select Our Company Details. Choose the Edit Details button, make any changes that are required then click  the Save Details button.

Editing User Details and Email addresses

After accessing the dashboard select Our User Details from the our details box. This will give you access to the User Maintenance screen. Select the user to edit from the Left hand panel. You will then be able to edit the individual user's details in the right hand panel, then click on the Save User Details. 

You may also add new users or remove existing users from this User Maintenance area.
If you require assistance with any updating please contact the support helpline on 0800 698 363 during normal office hours or email​.​

Purchasing cards

​Purchasing Cards (P-Card) have been introduced into Hamilton City Council with the aim of simplifying purchasing and payment processes in terms of cost, control, efficiency and effectiveness.

Some of the objectives of the P-Card program are to:

  1. Streamline our purchasing and payments process for low value transaction;
  2. Reducing the need to set up “one off suppliers”;
  3. To provide an effective and efficient means of purchasing low value items whilst out in the field and for “out of pocket” expenses; and
  4. Reduce our internal costs by streamlining internal purchasing, receipting and payment systems.

Examples of uses include being used to pay for conference fees or for a maintenance officer to purchase building supplies while working in the field.

The P-Card system consists of:

  1. A credit card issued in the name of an individual employee (Cardholder); and
  2. An internet based Transaction Management System (Flexipurchase) which provides the facility to manage and view P-Card transactions.

P-Card purchases are recorded as transactions against each Cardholders card.  All transaction are reviewed by the relevant manager to ensure compliance with Councils policy and procedures.

P-Card transactions​

​Month/year​Number of Cards​​Number of transactions​Total spend ($)​
​February 2016​72​329​35,938.69
​March 2016​74​398​52,508.21
​April 2016​76​464​55,520.72
​May 2016​75​407​66,739.85​
​June 2016​76​479​70,247.69
​July 2016​75​444​​65,394.77
​August 2016​76​473​52,691.64
​September 2016​78​483​​68,753.09
​October 2016​77​394​​56,861.46
​November 2016​76​423​51,797.62
​December 2016​78​544​68,068.10
​January 2017​75​291​30,242.43
​February 2017​78​360​48,714.98
​March 2017​78​459​​68,749.16
​April 2017​77​450​​60,489.05
​May 2017​78​421​60,425.57
​June 2017​81​441​56,995.57
​July 2017​80​473​71,658.45
​August 2017​81​451​64,741.92
​September 2017​​​​83​410​53,142.53
​October 201784​​448​​73,696.20 
​​​​​​November 2017​86​57072,116.92 
​December 2017​84572​74,183.55
​January 2018​82​269​​30,666.39
​February 2018​86​460​61,754.36
​March 2018 87​​446​58,173.70
​April 2018​88​418​65,214.51
​May 2018​87​401​56,097.93
​June 2018​86​467​72,980.18
​July 2018​85​413​61,542.64
​August 2018​85​420​56,434.36
​September 2018​83​420​78,484.20
​October 2018​83​367​57,412.80
​November 2018​85​469​71,463.69
​December 2018​87​505​71,775.94
​January 2019​88​298​​44,261.83
​February 2019​88​491​64,127.59
​March 2019​90​473​89,865.64
​April 2019​91​435​54,060.11
​May 2019​89​526​86,029.57
​June 2019​90​421​70,228.30
​July 2019​88​479​​79,826.44
​August 2019​89​62,725.46
​September 2019​89​71,558.65
​October 2019​89​63,408.19
​November 2019​89​82,974.82
​December 2019​89​60,251.76
​January 2020​89​37,720.90
​February 2020​89​47,741.43
​March 2020​89​​48,558.09
​April 2020​89​29,255.14
​May 2020​89​39,317.11

Contracts and Professional Services Panel (PSPs)

The Council has a number of Professional Services Panels that have been engaged through a public procurement process. 

​PSPs and awarded contracts, by month, can be downloaded below:​





Sensitive Expenditure

The Council has a number of expenditure categories that in the past have been of interest to rate payers. These include expenditure of flowers and other gifts, travel, accommodation and meals, catering, etc. and are collectively grouped as "Sensitive Expenditure".

​Periodically Council has extracted relevant details and made this available to the public. Going forward it is our intention to make this available on a regular basis in this section. Sensitive Expenditure, by month, can be downloaded below:


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