Our recruitment process

​​​To be a perfect candidate for a job, you should know our recruitment process inside out. 

Follow these six simple steps to learn more.

1 | Apply

Have a look at our current vacancies​, find the right fit and click Apply Now.

2 | Shortlist

We create the shortlist; if you are selected then get prepared for the next exciting step.

3 | Interviews

We will contact you for an interview where we get to know you in more depth. Our questions tend to be behavioural and competency based, meaning we will be looking for you to provide examples to demonstrate your experience. Initial interviews may be by phone or online video. If successful, this will be followed by either a Skype or a face-to-face interview where you also get the chance to ask more about the position and working for us. For some of our positions you may be required to attend more than one interview.

4 | Assessments and testing

Generally psychometric assessments and skills based tests will be done following the first face to face interview. Not all of our roles require this step. If you are asked to complete a psychometric assessment it’s likely to be a personality or ability assessment these can be completed on-line. The skills based testing may include online tests, written tests, presentations or manual work based tests.

5 | Pre-employment checks

If you are our preferred candidate we will undertake our pre-employment checks. This will include reference checks and Ministry of Justice clearance. For some positions it may include Police Vetting, Credit Checks, Drug and Alcohol Tests and Medical Assessments.

6 | The offer

Congratulations! If you're the right person for the job then expect a call to confirm this. Your offer letter and agreement will be emailed to you soon after this call.

7 | Acceptance

To confirm acceptance you will need to return to us by email us a signed copy of your offer. 

8 | Making the difference that matters

Welcome to Hamilton City Council, on-boarding may start as soon as we have received your acceptance. ​

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