Get ready for an am​azing Career at the Council​

From pipes to playgrounds, parks to parking, pools to paintings, and so much more –the range and complexity of what we do is staggering. 

Whether its permits or planning, policies or partnerships, the people of Hamilton are our top priority. 

Around 1200 staff across 29 business units and 20 different sites are responsible for keeping our great river city running now, and helping it to thrive in the future. 

We offer a range of different roles - including Zoo Keepers, Building Inspectors, Engineers, Accountants, Gardeners and many more!

But more important than what we do is why and how we do it.
We look for people who ooze our behaviours – Think Differently, Act with Integrity, Work Together and Make it Happen – have an open mindset and are always willing to grow and develop. 

Underpinning everything we do is our purpose: to improve the wellbeing of Hamiltonians. 

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