Information for recruitment agencies

​​​​​Most of our vacancies are recruited centrally by our People, Safety and Wellness Unit with exception of short-term temporary positions. In this instance we work with agencies we have established a trusting working relationship with.

Our Career Centre and networks provide us with a good source of suitable, high-calibre applicants for most of our roles, meanin​g we don't need to use recruitment agencies very often.

Currently we have a preferred supplier arrangement with recruitment agencies that are partnered on:

  • the level of service and relationship management
  • are specialised in a particular field and are able to source and identify candidates that fit the requirements of our roles
  • we are confident they understand the diverse, yet specific, needs of our business
Recruitment agencies around the Hamilton/Waikato region will be notified of the beginner of a tender process to nominate themselves for the renewed preferred supplier agreement.

Page reviewed: 15 Sep 2021 10:32am