Archived Submissions made to other organisations 2010-2013

Submissions made in the 2012/13 Financial Year

Discussion Document​Organisation​Submission​Council​StaffDate Submission Sent​
Waikato-Tainui Environmental Plan (Latest Draft)​​Waikato-Tainui​​Download Now (PDF, 1,014KB)​X​24/06/13​​
​Updated List of Protected Records for Local Government​Archives New ZealandDownload Now (PDF, 269)X​​18/06/13
​Draft Auckland Unitary Plan​Auckland CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 446KB)​X​31/05/13
Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Bill​​Social Services Select CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 706KB)​X​30/05/13
​Making Pool Safety Easier: Proposed Changes to the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987 (Consultation Document - March 2013)​Ministry of Business, Innovation and EmploymentDownload Now (PDF, 464KB)​X​10/05/13
Waikato District Council's Draft 2013/14 Annual Plan​Waikato District CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 431KB)​X0​7/05/13
​Funding Rates (FAR) Review​NZ Transport AgencyDownload Now (PDF, 638KB)​X0​2/05/13
​Waikato Regional Council's Draft 2013/14 Annual Plan​Waikato Regional CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 627KB)​X​17/04/13
​Freshwater Reform 2013 and Beyond​Ministry for the EnvironmentDownlaod Now(PDF, 950KB)​X​08/04/13
WEL Energy Trust's Draft 2013/14 Annual Plan​WEL Energy TrustDownload Now (PDF, 681KB)​X0​4/04/13
​Improving our Resource Management System​Ministry for the EnvironmentDownload Now (PDF, 725KB)​X0​2/04/13
​Hamilton City's Proposed District Plan​Hamilton City CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 6383KB)​X​28/03/13
​'Development Contributions Review' Discussion Paper (February 2013)​Department of Internal AffairsDownload Now (PDF, 2373KB)​X​22/03/13
Updating and Streamlining Building consent Authority Accreditation
​Ministry of Business, Innovation and EmploymentDownload Now (PDF, 485KB)​X​21/03/13
​Draft Waikato Conservation Management Strategy 2014-2024​Department of ConservationDownload Now (PDF, 339KB)​X


​Consultation Document 'Building Seismic Performance : Proposals to Improve the New Zealand Earthquake-Prone Building System' (December 2012)​Ministry of Innovation, Building and EmploymentDownload Now (PDF, 443KB)​X​13/03/13
​Towards Better Local Government Regulation - Draft Report (December 2012)​New Zealand Productivity CommissionDownload Now (PDF, 575KB)​X​08/03/13
​Cost Recovery for Certain Police Services - Public Consultation Paper: December 2012 – March 2013​New Zealand PoliceDownload Now (PDF, 744KB)​X​05/03/13
​Environmental Management Plan for Waikato-Tainui (Working Draft Discussion Document)​Waikato-TainuiDownload Now (PDF, 473KB)​X​04/03/13
​Consultation on Local Government Mandatory Performance Measures​​Department of Internal Affairs​Download Now (PDF, 775KB)X​​28/02/13
​​The Resource Management Reform Bill​Ministry for the EnvironmentDownload Now (PDF, 434KB)​X​​28/02/13
​Draft Waikato Regional Council Navigation Safety Bylaw 2013​Waikato Regional CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 279 KB)​X​23/02/13
​Review of Joint and Several Liability – Issues Paper 32​New Zealand Law CommissionDownload Now (PDF, 422 KB)X​​30/01/13
​​LGNZ's Discussion Document on the Law Commission's Review of Joint and Several Liability​LGNZDownload Now (PDF, 423 KB)​X​24/01/13
​Local Electoral Amendment Bill (No 2)​Justice and Electoral Select CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 120KB)​​X​19/12/12
Land Transport Management Amendment Bill 2012​​Transport and Industrial Relations Select CommitteeDown​load Now (PDF, 498KB)​X​26/10/12
​Application for a Notified Resource Consent Application in the Waikato District for a Subdivision Creating 12 Rural Residential Lots at 94B Webster Road, Matangi​Waikato District CouncilDownload Now
(​PDF, 809KB)
Review of the Waipa District Council Speed Limits Bylaw 2010​​Waipa District Council​​Download Now (PDF, 411KB)​​​X18/09/12​​
Plan Change 3 – Tamahere Structure Plan​​Waikato District Council​Download Now
(PDF, 363KB)​
Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission – Discussion Paper: Roles and Responsibilities​​Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission​​Download Now (PDF, 702KB)​​​X10/08/12​​
The Proposed Waipa District Plan​Waipa District Council​Download Now
(PDF, 556KB)​
Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill​Local Government and Environment Select Committee​Download Now
(PDF, 714KB)​


Council Submissions made in the 2011/12 Financial Year

Discussion Document​Organisation​Council's Submission​Date Submission Sent​
Gambling (Gambling Harm Reduction) Amendment Bill 2012​​Parliamentary Commerce Committee​​Download Now (PDF, 376KB)​​28/06/12​​
Waikato District Council's Draft 2012-22 Long Term Plan; Waikato District's Draft Waste Management & Minimisation Plan 2012​​​Waikato District Council​​​Download Now
(PDF, 458KB)​​
Waikato Regional Council’s Draft 2012-2022 Long Term Plan​
Waikato Regional Council​​Download Now
(PDF, 795KB)​​
Consultation on Governance Arrangements for Public Transport in the Waikato Region​​​Waikato Regional Council​​​Download Now
(PDF, 106KB)​​
WEL Energy Trust Draft Annual Plan 2012/2013WEL Energy Trust​​​​Download Now
(PDF, 317KB)​​​
Draft Waikato Regional Land Transport Programme: 2012/13-2014/15​​​Waikato Regional Council​​Download Now
(PDF, 329KB)​​
Housing Affordability Inquiry Draft Report​​​New Zealand Productivity Commission​​Download Now
(PDF, 431KB)​
Managing Conflicting Interests in Local Government: The Local Authorities (Members' Interests) Act 1968 and Associated Issues 
Department of Internal Affairs
Download Now
(PDF, 729KB)​​
Review of Local Authority Remuneration Setting (Discussion Document) 
The Remuneration Authority
Download Now
(PDF, 320KB)​​
Draft Auckland Plan​Auckland Council​Download Now (PDF, 362 KB)​31/10/11​
Proposed National Cycling Centre of Excellence
Waikato Regional Council
Download Now
(PDF, 252KB)​​
Draft Waikato Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Plan 
Waikato Civil Defence Emergency Management Group (CDEM​)​​Download Now
(PDF, 165KB)​​
​'Auckland Unleashed​' Discussion Document​Auckland Council 
Download Now
(PDF, 654KB)​
​30/05/11 ​​

Council Submissions made in the 2010/11 Financial Year

​Discussion Document​Organisation​Council's Submission​Date Submission Sent
Proposals for Targeted Changes to the 2012 National Land Transport Programme Co-Investment Ratios (Funding Assistance Rates)​New Zealand Transport Agency
Download Now
(PDF, 237KB)​
Auckland Spatial Plan Discussion Document ('Auckland Unleashed')
Auckland City Council
Download Now
(PDF, 654KB)​​
Government Policy Statement on Land Transport Funding 2012/13 to 2021/22 Engagement Document 
Ministry of Transport​Download Now 
(PDF, 170KB)​​
Waikato District Council's Draft 2011/12 Annual Plan 
Waikato District Council
Download Now 
(PDF, 186KB)​​
Waikato Regional Council's Draft 2011/2012 Annual Plan
Waikato Regional Council 
Download Now 
(PDF, 255KB)​
26/4/11 ​​
Waipa District Council's Draft 2011/2012 Annual Plan 
Waipa District Council 
Download Now 
(PDF, 297KB)​​
WEL Energy Trust 2011/2012 Draft Annual Plan 
WEL Energy Trust 
Download Now 
(PDF, 184KB)​​
11/4/11 ​​
New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme Review 2011 
Ministry for the Environment
Download Now
(PDF, 339KB)​​
Draft State Highway Classification 
New Zealand Transport Agency 
Download Now 
(PDF, 151KB)​​
National Code of Utilities' Access to the Transport Corridors 
New Zealand Utilities Advisory Group
Download Now 
(PDF, 162KB)​
10/3/11 ​​
Building Amendment Bill (No 3) 2010 *Made by The Waikato Building Consent Group
Local Government and Environment Select Committee
Download Now 
(PDF, 253KB)​​
Environment Waikato's Proposed Regional Policy Statement 

Waikato Regional Council's Proposed Regional Policy Statement - Further Submission​​
Environment Waikato

Waikato Regional Council​​

Download Now(PDF, 582KB)​

Download Now
(PDF, 7.52MB)​

Application for Resource Consent by Campbell Family Trust at 182 Hooker Road, Tamahere​Waikato District Council
Download Now 
(PDF, 107KB)​​
Consultation on the Review of the Code for Advertising Liquor 
Advertising Standards Authority
Download Now
(PDF, 148KB)​​
18/02/11 ​​
Alcohol Reform Bill
Justice and Electoral Select Committee 
Download Now 
(PDF, 193KB)​​
18/02/11 ​​
Inquiry into the 2010 Local Authority Elections 
Justice and Electoral Select Committee 
Download Now 
(PDF, 324KB)​​
Building Competitive Cities: Reform of the Urban and Infrastructure Planning System 
Ministry for the Environment
Download Now 
(PDF, 189KB)​
Draft Waikato Regional Land Transport Strategy 2011-41 
Environment Waikato
Download Now
(PDF, 196KB)​​
Issues, Challenges and Options Discussion Document for Waikato Regional Public Transport Plan review 
Environment Waikato
Download Now 
(PDF, 161KB)​​
10/12/10 ​​
Variation 16 to Waikato's District Plan ​​Waikato District Council
Download Now
(PDF, 193KB)​​
Review of Waipa's District Plan​​Waipa District Council​​Download Now
(PDF, 141KB)​
Proposed changes to Deed of Trust - rules governing the appointment, retirement and proceedings of the trustees 
WEL Energy Trust
Download Now
(PDF, 191KB)​​
Notification under Section 95B of the RMA for a notice of requirement for designation by the NZTA for the Ngaruawahia and Hamilton Bypasses of the Waikato Expressway 
Waikato District Council
Download Now
(PDF, 117KB)​​
Rugby World Cup 2011 (Empowering) Bill
Government Administration Select Committee 
Download Now
(PDF, 154KB)​​
National Environmental Standards for Air Quality 
Ministry for the Environment
Download Now
(PDF, 175KB)​
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