Archived Submissions made in the 2013-14 Financial Year

Submissions made in the 2013/14 Financial Year

Discussion Document​Organisation​Submission​​Council​StaffDate Submission Sent​
​Discharge of Dairy Factory Liquids to Land and Contaminants to Air - Waikato Region​Waikato Regional CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 845KB)X​13/06/14
​Application for Resource Consent by Fonterra Ltd for discharge of dairy factory liquids to land and contaminants to air, Waikato RegionWaikato Regional CouncilDownload Now (PDF 839KB)X​13/6/14
​Draft Waikato District Council Water Supply Bylaw 2014​Waikato District CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 239 KB)​X​23/05/14
​First Review of the National Code of Practice for Utility Operators' Access to Transport Corridors​New Zealand Utilities Advisory Group (Inc)Download Now (PDF, 269 KB)X​16/05/14
​Environmental Reporting Bill​Local Government and Environment CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 243KB)


​Building (Earthquake-Prone Buildings) Amendment Bill​Local Government and Environment Select CommitteeDownload Now  (PDF, 1,230KB)


​Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass 2002 Amendment (Proposed Changes to Legislation Relating to Overweight and High-Productivity Motor Vehicles: Consultation Document, February 2014)​NZ Transport Agency​Download Now (PDF, 249 KB)X​07/04/14
​Proposed Amendments to the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2011: A Discussion Document​Ministry for the EnvironmentDownload Now (PDF, 653KB)​X​04/02/14
​Funding Assistance Rate (FAR) Review Options Discussion Paper

​NZ Transport Agency

Download Now  (PDF, 841KB)X​28/03/14
​Psychoactive Substances Regulations Consultation Document​Ministry of HealthDownload Now  (PDF, 539KB)X​21/03/14
​​​WEL Energy Trust's 2014-15 Draft Annual Plan​WEL Energy TrustDownload Now  (PDF, 386KB)X

​Publically Notified Notices of Requirement from the NZ Transport Agency - Southern Links Designations​MWH NZ LtdDownload Now  (PDF, 439KB)  ​X​28/02/14
​Proposed Auckland Unitary PlanAuckland Council​Download Now (PDF, 736KB)​X​28/02/14
​Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill (No. 3)​Local Government and Environment Select CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 709KB)X​11/02/14
​Consultation Document 'A Regulatory Framework for Community Housing Providers' (December 2013)​Ministry of Business, Innovation and EmploymentDownload Now (PDF, 439KB)X0​5/02/14
​Waikato District Council's Proposed Psychoactive Substances Policy 2014​Waikato District CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 423KB)X​14/02/14
​Waipa District Council's Draft Psychoactive Substances Policy 2014​Waipa District CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 420KB)X​14/02/14
​Matamata-Piako District Council's Draft Legal High Policy (Local Approved Products Policy) 2013​Matamata-Piako District Council​Download Now (PDF, 422KB)X14/02/14​
​Proposed Electorate Boundaries for 2014 and 2017 General Elections​Representation CommissionDownload Now (PDF, 437KB)X​23/12/13
​Publicly Notified Notices of Requirement from the NZ Transport Agency - Alterations to the Waikato Expressway (Hamilton Section) Designations​MWH NZ LtdDownload Now (PDF, 352KB)X18/12/13
​Proposed Ruakura Development Plan Change - NB: split into Part A Part B for downloading​Environmental Protection AuthorityDownload ptA (PDF, 3MB)

Download ptB (PDF, 1002KB)

​The Legal Framework for Burial and Cremation in New Zealand: A First Principles Review (NZLC IP34)​New Zealand Law CommissionDownload Now (PDF, 341KB)​X​22/11/13
​Public Consultation on Four Class 4 Gambling Proposals ​Department of Internal AffairsDownload Now (PDF, 350KB)​X​25/10/13
​Discussion Paper: Options for Exemptions in a Cost Recovery Regime for the Police Vetting Service​New Zealand PoliceDownload Now (PDF, 273KB)​X​06/09/13
​A National Monitoring System for the Resource Management Act 1991 - A Proposal for Discussion​Ministry for the EnvironmentDownload Now (PDF, 336KB)​X​30/08/13
​Waipa District Council's Draft Local Alcohol Policy​Waipa District CouncilDownload Now 
(PDF, 417 KB)
Information Booklet ‘Review of New Zealand’s Constitution – The Conversation So Far (September 2012)’Constitutional Advisory PanelDownload Now (PDF, 424 KB)​X31/07/13
Revised Proposed Changes (5 June 2013) to the Trust Deed of the WEL Energy Trust​WEL Energy Trust​Download Now (PDF, ​366KB)​X15/07/13
June 2013 Consultation Paper ‘Establishing a New Fee Regime for the Alcohol Licensing System’​Ministry of Justice​​Download Now (PDF, 357KB)​​X12/07/13
Waipa District Council’s Proposed Water Supply Bylaw 2013Waipa District CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 429KB)X12/07/13​
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