Submissions made to other organisations

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Submissions are made to other organisations on a wide range of issues that may affect the city and/or the Council.  This is regarded as an important way to ensure the views of Council and Hamilton's residents are advocated at a city, regional and national level.

There are two types of submissions made:

  • Council submissions - Council submissions primarily focus on a range of draft documents (including Government Bills) that have the potential to impact on/affect the city and/or the Council. Such documents usually tend to be of a high level strategic nature. Submissions are considered and formally approved by Council or a Council committee. Submissions pertaining to the Resource Management Act (RMA), while primarily of a technical nature, are made under the Chief Executive's delegated authority for RMA submissions, but are still Council submissions.
  • Staff submissions - Staff submissions tend to primarily focus on draft documents (including Government Bills) that are often detailed and very technical in nature. The staff submissions are always reflective of Council policies, plans and strategies and are approved by the Chief Executive. All staff submissions are prefaced by the following statement: It should be noted that the following submission is from staff at Hamilton City Council and does not necessarily represent the views of the Council itself.

See archived submissions for previous years.

Submissions made in the 2019/20 Financial Year

Discussion Document​Organisation​Submission​​​Council​StaffDate Submission Sent​
​Hamilton City Council's Appeal Against Decisions of the Waikato Regional Council on Proposed Plan Change 1 to the Waikato Regional Plan​Waikato Regional Council​Download Now (PDF, 322 KB)​X​7/07/2020
​COVID-19 Recovery (Fast-track Consenting) Bill​Parliament's Environment CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 3MB)​X​21/06/2020
​Draft Government Policy Statement on Land Transport 2021​Ministry of TransportDownload Now (PDF, 297 KB)​X​15/05/2020
​Draft New Zealand Rail Plan​Ministry of TransportDownload Now (PDF, 202 KB)​ X​15/05/2020
​Accessible Streets Regulatory Package 2020​Waka Kotahi NZ Transport AgencyDownload Now (PDF, 332 KB)​X​17/04/2020
​Statement of Proposals for Amending Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods - June 2020 Update​Ministry of Business, Innovation and EmploymentDownload Now (PDF, 299 KB)​X​17/04/2020
​Resource Application Sub0165-19: G&S Singleton Heritage Limited, 635 SH23 Whatawhata​Waikato District CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 357 KB)​X​6/04/2020
​​Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill​Parliament’s Social Services and Community CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 120 KB)​X​25/03/2020
​WEL Energy Trust's 2020-21 Draft Annual Plan​WEL Energy TrustDownload Now (PDF, 159 KB)​X​19/03/2020
​Infrastructure Funding and Financing Bill​Parliament's Transport and Infrastructure Committee Download Now (PDF, 253 KB)​X​13/03/2020
​Inquiry into the 2019 Local Elections​Parliament’s Justice Committee Download Now (PDF, 146 KB)​X​6/03/2020
​Proposed National Policy Statement for Indigenous Biodiversity ​Ministry for the EnvironmentDownload Now (PDF, 188 KB)​X​5/03/2020
​Taumata Arowai ‐ The Water Services Regulator Bill ​Parliament's Health CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 545 KB)​X​28/02/2020
​Investment Decision-Making Framework Review​Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency​Download Now (PDF, 188 KB)​X​21/02/2020
​Arataki - Waka Kotahi NZTA 2021-2031 10-Year View of the Land Transport System​Waka Kotahi NZ Transport AgencyDownload Now (PDF, 248 KB)​X​17/02/2020
​Draft New Zealand Rail Plan 2019​Ministry of Transport​Download Now (PDF, 301 KB)​X​17/02/2020
​Land Transport (NZTA) Legislation Amendment Bill​Parliament's Transport and Infrastrucure CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 6331 KB)​X​14/02/2020
​Land Transport (Rail) Legislation Bill​Parliament's Transport and Infrastructure CommitteeDownload Now (PDF 152 KB)​X​14/02/2020
​Urban Development Bill​Parliament’s Environment CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 173 KB)​X​13/02/2020
​Transforming the Resource Management System: Opportunities for Change: Issues and Options Paper (November 2019)​Ministry for the EnvironmentDownload Now (PDF, 224 KB)​X​10/02/2020
​Consultation Document ‘Reducing Waste: A More Effective Landfill Levy’​Ministry for the EnvironmentDownload Now (PDF, 182 KB)​X​4/02/2020
​Draft Growth and Economic Development Strategy - Waikato 2070​Waikato District CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 202 KB)​X​24/01/2020
​Cambridge Wastewater Treatment Plant Discharge Consent Application - Waipa District Council (APP141113)​Waikato Regional Council​​Download Now ​​(PDF, 176 KB)​X​19/12/2019
​​National Local Authority Survey on Accessibility ​Ministry of Social Development (Office for Disability Issues)​​Download Now ​(PDF, 308 KB)​X6/12/2019​
​Proposed 2019 Amendments to the Waikato District Council Speed Limits Bylaw 2011​Waikato District CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 136 KB)​X​20/11/2019
​Action for Healthy Waterways: A Discussion Document on National Direction for Our Essential Freshwater​Ministry for the EnvironmentDownload Now (PDF, 309 KB)​X​31/10/2019
​Infrastructure Funding and Financing Information Paper – Development Contributions and Targeted Rates​Department of Internal AffairsDownload Now (PDF, 228 KB)​X​25/10/2019
​Discussion Document on a Proposed National Policy Statement for Highly Productive Land​Ministry for Primary Industries/Ministry for the EnvironmentDownload Now
(PDF, 362 KB)
​Discussion Document on a Proposed National Policy Statement on Urban Development​Ministry for the EnvironmentDownload Now
(PDF, 549 KB)
​​Online Gambling in New Zealand – Public Discussion Document​Department of Internal AffairsDownload Now​
(PDF, 354 KB)
​Proposal for a Biodiversity Strategy for Aotearoa New Zealand​Department of ConservationDownload Now
(PDF, 439 KB)
​Draft Report on Local Government Funding and Financing​New Zealand Productivity CommissionDownload Now
(PDF, 526 KB)
​Consultation Document ‘Road to Zero - Consultation on the 2020-2030 Road Safety Strategy’​Ministry of TransportDownload Now (PDF, 420 KB)​X​16/08/2019
​Supplementary Information to Hamilton City Council’s 2 July 2019 Submission to the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill​Parliament’s Environment CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 647 KB)X​​12/08/2019
​Further Submissions on the Submissions to the 2018 Waikato Proposed District Plan (Stage 1)​Waikato District CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 793 KB)​X​15/07/2019
​Kaainga Ora - Homes and Communities Bill​Parliament’s Environment CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 364 KB)​X​11/07/2019
​Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill​Parliament's Environment CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 332 KB)​X​2/07/2019

Submissions made in the 2018/19 Financial Year

Discussion Document​Organisation​Submission​​​Council​StaffDate Submission Sent​
​Waipa District Council's Proposed Stormwater Bylaw 2019​Waipa District CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 354 KB)​X​21/06/2019
​Building System Legislative Reform Discussion Paper (April 2019)​Ministry of Business, Innovation and EmploymentDownload Now (PDF, 624 KB)​X​13/06/2019
​Application to Amend Licence Conditions and Related Applications to Approve Design Changes and New Game Mix at SKYCITY Hamilton Casino​New Zealand Gambling CommissionDownload Now (PDF, 232 KB)​X​17/05/2019
New Zealand Infrastructure Commission/Te Waihanga Bill​​Parliament’s Finance and Expenditure CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 560 KB)​X17/05/2019​
​Proposal to Revoke Certain Delegations to Territorial Authorities Under the Reserves Act 1977​Department of ConservationDownload Now (PDF, 354 KB)​X​16/05/2019
​Draft Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Amendment Rule [2019]​New Zealand Transport AgencyDownload Now (PDF, 364 KB)​X​07/05/2019
​Consultation Discussion Document ‘Reform of Vocational Education' (February 2019)​Ministry of Education/Tertiary Education CommissionDownload Now (PDF, 749 KB)X​05/04/2019
​WEL Energy Trust's 2019-20 Draft Annual Plan​WEL Energy TrustDownload Now (PDF, 346 KB)​X​20/03/2019
​Local Government Funding and Financing Inquiry​New Zealand Productivity CommissionDownload Now (PDF, 401 KB)​X​15/03/2019
​Proposed Private Plan Change 11 to the Waipa District Plan - Bardowie Industrial Precinct, Hautapu​Waipa District CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 362 KB)​X​22/11/2018
​2018 Amendments to the Waikato District Council Speed Limits Bylaw 2011​Waikato District CouncilDownload Now (PDF 258 KB)​X​09/11/2018
​Formation of a New Independent Infrastructure Body (October 2018 Consultation Document)​TreasuryDownload Now (PDF, 446 KB)​X​26/10/2018
​Three Waters Review​Minister for Local GovernmentDownload Now (PDF, 386 KB)​X​23/10/2018
​​Draft Report 'Strengthening Protections for Heritage Buildings'​Ministry for Culture and HeritageDownload Now (PDF, 242 KB)​X​19/10/2018
​Proposed District Plan​Waikato District CouncilDownload Now​ (PDF, 870 KB)​X​​09/10/2018
​Draft Waikato Regional Public Transport Plan 2018-2028​Waikato Regional CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 284 KB)​X​24/09/2018
​Local Government New Zealand's Three Waters Survey​Local Government New ZealandDownload Now (PDF, 286 KB)​X​20/09/2018
​Further Submissions to the Healthy Rivers Plan Change: Proposed Plan Chang​e 1 and Variation 1​Waikato Regional CouncilDownload Now​ (PDF, 408 KB)​X​​17/09/2018
​Proposed Mandatory Phase Out of Single-Use Plastic Shopping Bags​Ministry for the EnvironmentDownload Now (PDF, 279 KB)​X​11/09/2018
​Proposed Private Plan Change 11 to the Waipa District Plan - Bardowie Industrial Precinct, Hautapu​Waipa DistrictCouncilDownload Now (PDF, 498 KB)​X
​Land Transport Rule: Regulatory Stewardship (Omnibus) Amendment 2018​NZ Transport AgencyDownload Now (PDF, 265 KB)​X​24/08/2018
​Local Government Regulatory Systems Amendment BillParliament's ​Governance and Administration CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 266 KB)​X17/08/2018
​Draft National Planning Standards Consultation Document​Ministry for the Environment​Download Now (PDF, 424 KB)​X​14/08/2018
​Proposal to Establish a Legislative Framework for the Police Vetting Service​New Zealand PoliceDownload Now (PDF, 272 KB)​X​23/07/2018
​Survey on strengthening New Zealand’s Protection System for Heritage Buildings​Ministry for Culture and HeritageDownload Now (PDF, 772 KB)​X13/07/2018
​Application for Resource Consents (APP137797) by Fonterra Limited for the Continued Operation of the Te Rapa Milk Processing Site, Waikato Region​Waikato Regional CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 537 KB)​X​03/07/2018

Submissions made in the 2017/18 Financial Year

Discussion Document​Organisation​Submission​​​Council​StaffDate Submission Sent​
​Litter (Increased Infringement Fee) Amendment Bill​​Parliament’s Environment CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 336 KB)​X​12/06/18
​Local Government (Community Well-being) Amendment Bill​Parliament's Governance and Administration CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 425 KB)​X​25/05/18
​Draft Investment Assessment Framework for the 2018-21 National Land Transport Programme​Ministry of Transport​Download Now (PDF, 493 KB)​X18/05/18
​Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Renewal of Licences) Amendment Bill (No 2)Parliament’s Governance and Administration CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 134 KB)​X​11/05/18
​Draft Government Policy Statement on Land Transport 2018/19 - 2027/28​Ministry of TransportDownload Now (PDF, 493 KB)​X​02/05/18
​Waikato District Council's Draft 2018-2028 Long Term Plan​Waikato District CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 243 KB)X​​20/04/18
​Waikato Regional Council's Draft 2018-2028 Long Term Plan​Waikato Regional CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 560 KB)​X​20/04/18
​​Waipa District Council's Draft 2018-2028 Long Term Plan​Waipa District CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 155 KB)​X​20/04/18
Land Transport Management (Regional Fuel Tax) Amendment Bill​Parliament's Finance and Expenditure Select CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 175 KB)​X​20/04/18
​Consultation on KiwiRail becoming an Approved Public Organisation​Ministry of TransportDownload Now (PDF, 104 KB)​X​20/04/18
Draft 2018 Regional Land Transport Plan​Waikato Regional CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 408 KB)​X​11/04/18
​Local Government Review  - Consultation Document Part Three - Longer Term Proposals ​Remuneration AuthorityDownload Now (PDF, 521 KB)​X​15/12/17
​Hamilton City Operative District Plan October 2017 Proposed Plan Change 2 - Te Awa Lakes Private Plan Change​Hamilton City CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 971 KB)​X​29/11/17
​Regional Infrastructure Technical Specifications​Waikato Local Authority Shared ServicesDownload Now​(PDF, 3,141 KB)​X​02/10/17
​Draft Future Proof Strategy - Phase One (May 2017)​Future Proof Implementation CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 436 KB)​X​04/08/17

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