Submissions made to other Organisations

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Submissions are made to other organisations on a wide range of issues that may affect the city and/or the Council.  This is regarded as an important way to ensure the views of Council and Hamilton's residents are advocated at a city, regional and national level.

There are two types of submissions made:

  • Council submissions - are discussed and formally approved at a Council committee or Council meeting.   Note: Submissions pertaining to the Resource Management Act (RMA) are made under the Chief Executive’s delegated authority for RMA submissions, but are still Council submissions.
  • Staff submissions - primarily focus on technical issues, are reflective of Council policy, and are approved by the Chief Executive.

See archived submissions for previous years.

Submissions made in the 2019/20 Financial Year

Discussion Document​Organisation​Submission​​​Council​StaffDate Submission Sent​
​Consultation Document ‘Road to Zero - Consultation on the 2020-2030 Road Safety Strategy’​Ministry of TransportDownload Now (PDF, 420 KB)​X​16/08/2019
​Supplementary Information to Hamilton City Council’s 2 July 2019 Submission to the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill​Parliament’s Environment CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 647 KB)X​​12/08/2019
​Further Submissions on the Submissions to the 2018 Waikato Proposed District Plan (Stage 1)​Waikato District CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 793 KB)​X​15/07/2019
​Kaainga Ora - Homes and Communities Bill​Parliament’s Environment CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 364 KB)​X​11/07/2019
​Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill​Parliament's Environment CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 332 KB)​X​02/07/2019

Submissions made in the 2018/19 Financial Year

Discussion Document​Organisation​Submission​​​Council​StaffDate Submission Sent​
​Waipa District Council's Proposed Stormwater Bylaw 2019​Waipa District CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 354 KB)​X​21/06/2019
​Building System Legislative Reform Discussion Paper (April 2019)​Ministry of Business, Innovation and EmploymentDownload Now (PDF, 624 KB)​X​13/06/2019
​Application to Amend Licence Conditions and Related Applications to Approve Design Changes and New Game Mix at SKYCITY Hamilton Casino​New Zealand Gambling CommissionDownload Now (PDF, 232 KB)​X​17/05/2019
New Zealand Infrastructure Commission/Te Waihanga Bill​​Parliament’s Finance and Expenditure CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 560 KB)​X17/05/2019​
​Proposal to Revoke Certain Delegations to Territorial Authorities Under the Reserves Act 1977​Department of ConservationDownload Now (PDF, 354 KB)​X​16/05/2019
​Draft Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Amendment Rule [2019]​New Zealand Transport AgencyDownload Now (PDF, 364 KB)​X​07/05/2019
​Consultation Discussion Document ‘Reform of Vocational Education' (February 2019)​Ministry of Education/Tertiary Education CommissionDownload Now (PDF, 749 KB)X​05/04/2019
​WEL Energy Trust's 2019-20 Draft Annual Plan​WEL Energy TrustDownload Now (PDF, 346 KB)​X​20/03/2019
​Local Government Funding and Financing Inquiry​New Zealand Productivity CommissionDownload Now (PDF, 401 KB)​X​15/03/2019
​Proposed Private Plan Change 11 to the Waipa District Plan - Bardowie Industrial Precinct, Hautapu​Waipa District CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 362 KB)​X​22/11/2018
​2018 Amendments to the Waikato District Council Speed Limits Bylaw 2011​Waikato District CouncilDownload Now (PDF 258 KB)​X​09/11/2018
​Formation of a New Independent Infrastructure Body (October 2018 Consultation Document)​TreasuryDownload Now (PDF, 446 KB)​X​26/10/2018
​Three Waters Review​Minister for Local GovernmentDownload Now (PDF, 386 KB)​X​23/10/2018
​​Draft Report 'Strengthening Protections for Heritage Buildings'​Ministry for Culture and HeritageDownload Now (PDF, 242 KB)​X​19/10/2018
​Proposed District Plan​Waikato District CouncilDownload Now​ (PDF, 870 KB)​X​​09/10/2018
​Draft Waikato Regional Public Transport Plan 2018-2028​Waikato Regional CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 284 KB)​X​24/09/2018
​Local Government New Zealand's Three Waters Survey​Local Government New ZealandDownload Now (PDF, 286 KB)​X​20/09/2018
​Further Submissions to the Healthy Rivers Plan Change: Proposed Plan Chang​e 1 and Variation 1​Waikato Regional CouncilDownload Now​ (PDF, 408 KB)​X​​17/09/2018
​Proposed Mandatory Phase Out of Single-Use Plastic Shopping Bags​Ministry for the EnvironmentDownload Now (PDF, 279 KB)​X​11/09/2018
​Proposed Private Plan Change 11 to the Waipa District Plan - Bardowie Industrial Precinct, Hautapu​Waipa DistrictCouncilDownload Now (PDF, 498 KB)​X
​Land Transport Rule: Regulatory Stewardship (Omnibus) Amendment 2018​NZ Transport AgencyDownload Now (PDF, 265 KB)​X​24/08/2018
​Local Government Regulatory Systems Amendment BillParliament's ​Governance and Administration CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 266 KB)​X17/08/2018
​Draft National Planning Standards Consultation Document​Ministry for the Environment​Download Now (PDF, 424 KB)​X​14/08/2018
​Proposal to Establish a Legislative Framework for the Police Vetting Service​New Zealand PoliceDownload Now (PDF, 272 KB)​X​23/07/2018
​Survey on strengthening New Zealand’s Protection System for Heritage Buildings​Ministry for Culture and HeritageDownload Now (PDF, 772 KB)​X13/07/2018
​Application for Resource Consents (APP137797) by Fonterra Limited for the Continued Operation of the Te Rapa Milk Processing Site, Waikato Region​Waikato Regional CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 537 KB)​X​03/07/2018

Submissions made in the 2017/18 Financial Year

Discussion Document​Organisation​Submission​​​Council​StaffDate Submission Sent​
​Litter (Increased Infringement Fee) Amendment Bill​​Parliament’s Environment CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 336 KB)​X​12/06/18
​Local Government (Community Well-being) Amendment Bill​Parliament's Governance and Administration CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 425 KB)​X​25/05/18
​Draft Investment Assessment Framework for the 2018-21 National Land Transport Programme​Ministry of Transport​Download Now (PDF, 493 KB)​X18/05/18
​Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Renewal of Licences) Amendment Bill (No 2)Parliament’s Governance and Administration CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 134 KB)​X​11/05/18
​Draft Government Policy Statement on Land Transport 2018/19 - 2027/28​Ministry of TransportDownload Now (PDF, 493 KB)​X​02/05/18
​Waikato District Council's Draft 2018-2028 Long Term Plan​Waikato District CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 243 KB)X​​20/04/18
​Waikato Regional Council's Draft 2018-2028 Long Term Plan​Waikato Regional CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 560 KB)​X​20/04/18
​​Waipa District Council's Draft 2018-2028 Long Term Plan​Waipa District CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 155 KB)​X​20/04/18
Land Transport Management (Regional Fuel Tax) Amendment Bill​Parliament's Finance and Expenditure Select CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 175 KB)​X​20/04/18
​Consultation on KiwiRail becoming an Approved Public Organisation​Ministry of TransportDownload Now (PDF, 104 KB)​X​20/04/18
Draft 2018 Regional Land Transport Plan​Waikato Regional CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 408 KB)​X​11/04/18
​Local Government Review  - Consultation Document Part Three - Longer Term Proposals ​Remuneration AuthorityDownload Now (PDF, 521 KB)​X​15/12/17
​Hamilton City Operative District Plan October 2017 Proposed Plan Change 2 - Te Awa Lakes Private Plan Change​Hamilton City CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 971 KB)​X​29/11/17
​Regional Infrastructure Technical Specifications​Waikato Local Authority Shared ServicesDownload Now​(PDF, 3,141 KB)​X​02/10/17
​Draft Future Proof Strategy - Phase One (May 2017)​Future Proof Implementation CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 436 KB)​X​04/08/17

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