Submissions made to other organisations

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Submissions are made to other organisations on a wide range of issues that may affect the city and/or the Council.  This is regarded as an important way to ensure the views of Council and Hamilton's residents are advocated at a city, regional and national level.

There are two types of submissions made:

  • Council submissions - Council submissions primarily focus on a range of draft documents (including Government Bills) that have the potential to impact on/affect the city and/or the Council. Such documents usually tend to be of a high level strategic nature. Submissions are considered and formally approved by Council or a Council committee. Submissions pertaining to the Resource Management Act (RMA), while primarily of a technical nature, are made under the Chief Executive's delegated authority for RMA submissions, but are still Council submissions.
  • Staff submissions - Staff submissions tend to primarily focus on draft documents (including Government Bills) that are often detailed and very technical in nature. The staff submissions are always reflective of Council policies, plans and strategies and are approved by the Chief Executive. All staff submissions are prefaced by the following statement: It should be noted that the following submission is from staff at Hamilton City Council and does not necessarily represent the views of the Council itself.

See archived submissions for previous years.

Submissions made in the 2021/22 Financial Year

Discussion Document​Organisation​Submission​​​Council​StaffDate Submission Sent​
​Construction Contracts (Retention Money) Amendment Bill​Parliament’s Transport and Infrastructure CommitteeDownload Now (PDF, 251 KB)​X​23/7/2021
​Waikato District Council's Review of the Water Supply Bylaw 2014Waikato District Council​Download Now (PDF, 195 KB)​X​15/07/2021
​Waikato District Council's Proposed Stormwater Bylaw 2021​Waikato District CouncilDownload Now (PDF, 663 KB)​X​15/07/2021
​Review of Waipa District Council's Trade Waste Bylaw (2011) and Wastewater Drainage Bylaw (2011)
​Waipa District Council
Download Now (PDF, 353 KB)

​Infrastructure for a Better Future: Aotearoa New Zealand Infrastructure Strategy (May 2021 Consultation Document)
​New Zealand Infrastructure Commission
​Download Now (PDF, 393 KB)


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