Draft Hamilton City Council Local Alcohol Policy (LAP)

Draft Local Alcohol Policy - Statement of Proposal (PDF, 3.29MB)

  • Hamilton City Council has opted to defer deliberations and decision-making on their draft Local Alcohol Policy (LAP) following receiving and hearing submissions on the draft policy last month.
  • 20 Councils across New Zealand are currently facing appeals on their LAPs and it is likely Hamilton City Council would face the same outcome if they were to approve their LAP, which is in the draft stage.
  • ​Two appeals have been scheduled for late July and early August. Council will await the outcomes of these two appeals before proceeding with the LAP.
  • For further details, please read this media release

LAP Hearing - Presentations

​Kate Porter and Karl Wareham​Progressive Enterprises LImitedDownload Now (PDF, 743)
​Melanie Desmarais​Cancer SocietyDownload Now (PDF, 1.4 MB)
​Amy Robinson​Alcohol Healthwatch​Download Now (PDF, 392)
​Ross Chesterman and Nick Chester​Waikato District Health BoardDownload Now (PDF, 1 MB)

LAP Hearing - Handouts

​Hospitality New Zealand Waikato BranchDownload Now (PDF, 95)
​International Alcohol Control StudyDownload Now (PDF, 292)
​Jim Kernohan NZ PoliceDownload Now (PDF, 4.3 MB)
​Anglican Action​Download Now (PDF, 299)
​Covec - Use of Christchurch LAP ReportDownload Now (PDF, 156)
​Health Promotion AgencyDownload Now (PDF, 502)
​New Zealand Retailer's Association​Download Now (PDF, 537)
​Restrictions in pub closing times and lockoutsDownload Now (PDF, 138)
​Skycity HamiltonDownload Now (PDF, 261)
​Blackbull Liquor & TEG Enterprises LimitedDownload Now (PDF, 413)
​Stiletto's Nightclubs LimitedDownload Now (PDF, 332)
​Health Promotion Advisor PresentationDownload Now (PDF, 543)

LAP Hearing - Reports 

​The impacts of liquor outlets in Manukau City​Alcohol Advisory Council of New ZealandDownload Now (PDF, 2.6 MB)
​Drinking at home​Nelson MailDownload Now (PDF, 483)
Presentation to Proposed LAP - Hamilton City Council​Hospitality New Zealand - Waikato BranchDownload Now (PDF, 69)
​Submission to Wellington City Council Draft Alcohol Policy​Hospitality Association - Wellington Branch​Download Now (PDF, 601)
​The locally specific impacts of alcohol outlet density in the North Island of New Zealand 2006 - 2011​Health Promotion AgencyDownload Now (PDF, 3.1 MB)


MEDIA ADVISORY - 28 March 2014

Local Alcohol Policy hearings held today

35 submitters presented their views to the Strategy and Policy Committee at today’s Local Alcohol Policy hearings.
Key submitters included current licence holders (bars, restaurants, bottle stores and supermarkets), health organisations, hospitality associations and NZ Police.
A variety of ideas and concerns were presented which elected members will take into consideration during deliberations on the draft Policy.

All 93 submissions will be taken into account when Council deliberates on Friday 11 April to start developing its provisional policy. For more information on the draft Local Alcohol Policy and to view all of the submissions, visit www.hamilton.govt.nz/alcohol (Scroll down this page).

For more information, please contact:
Blair Bowcott
General Manager – Performance
021 775 640

Consultation on the Draft Hamilton City Council Local Alcohol Policy has now closed.

A total of 93 submissions were received to the draft policy with 41 people request to speak at the Council hearings in support of their written submissions.

The document below provides a list of submitters (submission number, name, and organisation), with the submissions documents.

Click here to view the submissions


***Please be advised of two errors in the recently distributed Statement of Proposal and draft Policy:

Error in Statement of Proposal

  • The Statement of Proposal states that ‘on-licence hours remain unchanged’ . It should read ‘on-licence hours remain unchanged for the central city area’. The maximum trading hours for on-licences outside of the central city area vary greatly and therefore setting standard maximum closing hours will result in a reduction of hours for some licensed premises operating outside of the central city.

Error in the draft Policy – outdoor dining

  • Clause 5.1.1 (iii)  currently states that ‘Any permitted outdoor dining area will not have trading hours that exceeds 9am to 10pm on any day as provided for within the Public Places Bylaw 2009 and the Public Places Policy.’  It should read  ‘Any permitted outdoor dining area will not have trading hours that exceeds 9am to 1am on any day… ‘  This was a typo error.


If you require further clarification or additional information please contact the Strategy and Research Unit on 07 838 6537.


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