Garden Place Pedestrian Mall Alteration

Consultation on the proposed alteration to the Garden Place Pedestrian Mall is now closed. Submissions were open from 1 October to 3 November 2014.

A total for 43 submissions were received, with five submitters indicating they wished to speak at a Council hearing in support of their written submission. The hearing will be held Wednesday 26 November.

The document below provides a list of submissions (submission reference, name and organisation) with links to the submission documents.

View submissions here

The Proposal:
We are proposing to incorporate the area of Pedestrian Mall that runs alongside the Worley Place shared zone into the shared zone to allow great flexibility around parking in the area. This will allow us to explore parking options in the area, following the review of the traffic bylaw.

Download copies of the document below:

 These are the key dates in the proposed alteration:

​25 Sept​Council adopted the Garden Place Pedestrian mall for consultation with the community
​1 October to 3 NovemberProposal open for public submissions​
​26 November​Hearings for submitters who want to speak to Council about their submissions
​February 2015Council to make decisions on submissions and decide on the options going forward​


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