Hamilton City Traffic Bylaw 2012

Hamilton City Council has now adopted the Hamilton City Traffic Bylaw 2012 (Amended). 

The amendments to the bylaw come into force on 1 November 2013.

 A copy of the declaration can be found on bylaws page, http://www.hamilton.govt.nz/bylaws

 The amendments adopted include:

  • Schedule F: Turning Restrictions Right Turns: Lynden Court right turning into Hukanui Road.
  • Schedule H1: Cycle Lanes.
  • Schedule I: Cycle Paths.
  • Schedule L: Turning Movements Restricted to a Special Class of Vehicle.  River Road - Buses are permitted to turn right from River Road onto the Fairfield Bridge from the left hand lane.
  • Schedule K: Pedestrian Mall.
  • Insertion of 6.1.2 on management of off street parking.


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